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Lockdown Procedure

If you are notified of “LOCKDOWN” over the Hawk Alert emergency notification system or a faculty/staff/administrator announces the lockdown in person follow these instructions:

  • Everyone is to stay where they are.
  • Building Coordinators:
    • Clear everyone from hallways into rooms. Direct any students or staff members in the hall into the nearest room immediately.
    • Assist those with access and functional needs.
  • Classroom Faculty/Staff:
    • Lock your door. Do not open the door unless you know it is safe to do so.
    • Lower or close any blinds. Use paper to cover windows to obscure the view into the room.
    • Block doors with furniture.
    • Place students against the wall, so that the intruder cannot see them looking in the door. Look for the ‘Safe Corner’.
    • Turn out lights and computers/ monitors.
    • Turn off cellular telephone ringers.
    • Prepare a plan of action if the intruder gains entry (e.g., all-out assault on the intruder).
    • Follow specified protocols if evacuation is initiated bylaw enforcement personnel.
    • If a fire alarm has been activated, DO NOT evacuate UNLESS fire or smoke is visible.
  • Keep students quiet. Note: All faculty/staff members should maintain positive control of the students that were in attendance at the beginning of class prior to turning out the lights. This will aid in accounting for all students should an evacuation be necessary.
  • Physical Education/Athletic classes being held in the gym should move into a locker room, lock all doors and find a safe area.
  • Other Situations:
  • Any students/dining hall workers in the dining hall should move to the drink/condiment area or kitchen out of view from windows and doors.
  • If students and faculty/staff are outside a College building near or in their vehicle leave the Campus immediately in your vehicle. If on foot leave Campus and go to a public area. If the threat is imminent RUN, HIDE, or FIGHT IF NECESSARY. You will be directed where to relocate depending on the situation.
  • If faculty/staff or students are in the bathrooms, they should move to a stall, lock it and stand on the toilet. Lock the bathroom door if possible
  • Anyone in the hallway should move to the closest classroom immediately.
  • College faculty/staff not in a classroom should stay in the area they are in, secure the doors, and turn out the lights/computers/monitors and cellular telephone ringers.
  • Students and staff in the library should remain in the library. Librarians should lock the doors, turn out the lights, and locate a safe area.

Stay in safe areas until directed by law enforcement officers or an administrator to move or evacuate.

REMEMBER: Never open doors during a lockdown, even in the event of a fire alarm UNLESS SMOKE OR FIRE is visible.

For further directives, law enforcement officers and administrators will have keys to open the doors or announcements will be made over the Hawk Alert emergency notification system or an administrator will signal all personnel if the lockdown has been lifted.

If an evacuation occurs, all persons/classrooms will be directed by a law enforcement officer or administrator to a safe location. Once evacuated from the building, classroom faculty should take roll to account for all students present in class. College Campus Security/Administrators will divide and keep in communication with cell phones.

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