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EBD Book Voucher Procedure

If the financial aid award you receive for attendance in the Huntingdon College Evening Bachelor’s Degree program exceeds the amount necessary for payment of tuition and fees, you may qualify to receive a Book Voucher in order to use your financial aid toward the cost of your books.

In order to qualify for a Book Voucher, you must:

  • Apply for admission and be accepted to the Evening Bachelor’s Degree Program; and
  • Complete all steps of the financial aid application process, including signing and accepting your award letter, completing Direct Loan Entrance Counseling, and completing the Direct Loan Master Promissory Note, if applicable.

Once these steps have been completed, if your aid exceeds your tuition and fees, you may follow the directions below to receive your Book Voucher.

Please allow three to five business days to process your Book Voucher.

The Process

Please review all steps below and note that you must process the form you receive from the Bookstore Manager within three days of its receipt.

  1. Complete the Book Voucher Request Form. You will need your System ID.
  2. The Bookstore Manager will receive your request and will provide you a book voucher with costs, including tax, shipping and handling, emailed to your HC email account.

When you receive the form from the Bookstore Manager:

  1. Print the form. In Box 1, verify the demographic information. If there are any discrepancies in the data, contact the bookstore PRIOR to submitting the form to the Financial Aid Office.
  2. In Box 2, verify the course # is correct and mark “X” next to each price to confirm your approval of the purchase at the cost indicated. If there is not an “X” next to the price of the book, the book will not be ordered and shipped.
  3. Review the terms of Box 3. Your signature provides the authorization to charge your account for the purchase. Once you read, sign, and date Box 3, fax or scan the document to the Financial Aid Office (334-833-4235 or finaid@huntingdon.edu).  The book voucher will expire if it is not submitted to the financial aid office within three business days of being issued.
  4. The Bookstore will be notified that the order can be processed.
  5. The Bookstore will place the order and email you at your HC email address with an anticipated delivery date.

For questions regarding this procedure, contact the Bookstore at (334) 833-4482 or by e-mailing hcbookstore@hawks.huntingdon.edu.

Specific book information per course (including ISBN), whether required or recommended, is published online at https://www.huntingdon.edu/academics/academic-resources/book-list/. It is displayed by term, course, and section as indicated in the College’s schedule of classes.

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