Take Note

Campus computer platform updates 5/23–25

Online applications, information requests, and SelfService will be down during these updates.

Payment Plans

honor convocation photo

Dr. Maureen Kendrick Murphy ’78 speaks at Honor Convocation.

There are two payment options:

  1. Pay the estimated semester balance in full by the stated deadline on the College’s calendar;
  2. Enroll in the College’s Deferred Payment Plan.

The Huntingdon College Deferred Payment Plan allows students and parents to pay educational expenses in monthly installments. The Deferred Payment Plan is offered at a cost of $250 annually. Students who do not enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan but who do not pay the semester balance in full on a timely basis are charged the $250 Plan Fee annually. Students who attend only one semester during an academic year are charged the full $250 Plan Fee.

Students enrolled in the Huntingdon College Deferred Payment Plan will receive a payment schedule with the signed promissory note. Failure to remit payment(s) in accordance with the provided statement schedule will result in a late payment fee of $30, charged to the student’s account. A late payment fee is charged for each delinquent payment.