Take Note


July 26 | August 17

Welcome New Students!

We Are Huntingdon. We Are Family.

Brandon and Raina by the fountainWelcome to the Huntingdon College family! You will find that Huntingdon offers all of the components needed to make your college experience everything you want it to be. All we need is you!

This section is intended to assist those who have paid their enrollment deposits and confirmed their intention to enroll at Huntingdon. Here are the next steps you should take as you plan for enrollment:

  • Complete and return any forms and procedures you have not already submitted (this includes updating your immunizations and having a TB Test completed, which is a requirement from the State of Alabama).
  • Accept, sign, and return your Financial Aid Package (if you have not already done so).
  • Send official final transcripts from your high school or transfer institution showing either the date of high school graduation or completion of the spring semester (for transfers). These transcripts must be mailed directly from your high school or college to the Huntingdon College Office of Admission, and must be received for all students before Orientation and registration.
  • Make a reservation to attend one of the three New Student Orientation sessions during the summer. (You must attend one of these sessions in order to register for classes in the fall.)
  • Mark your calendar for beginning-of-school-events, such as Big Red Weekend, if you are entering in the fall semester. This program occurs the Friday and Saturday before the beginning of classes in the fall and is mandatory for new students.
  • Dream about all the great things you’re going to do in college—and then do them!

Have questions? Contact your admission counselor—we’re here to help you through every step as you settle into your Huntingdon college home!