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FAQ – Deposited Students

Got Questions?

If you have further questions after reading through the information that follows, don’t hesitate to contact your admission counselor. We’re here to help!

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Q: How do I register for classes?

Houghton Library

A: New freshmen and transfer students are placed in classes for the first semester by the Office of Academic Affairs. Students receive their schedules during New Student Orientation and may make adjustments at that time or during a designated time period, if necessary.

Q: What if I don’t know what I want to major in?

A: Don’t worry! Exploring and finding new paths for your life are what a liberal arts education is all about. If you don’t declare a major, you will begin as an “undeclared” student. There are selected advisers who work with students who haven’t yet declared a major. They will help you choose your first semester of classes and will work with you to choose a major that suits your interests, goals, and talents.

Q: How are roommates selected?

A: Roommates are selected on the basis of your responses to the roommate questionnaire in the housing forms you complete.

Q: What if I have a friend with whom I’d like to share a room?

A: If you and a friend have chosen to room together, you must both indicate that you would like to room with each other on your respective housing forms. Freshmen live with freshmen.

Q: When will I find out who my roommate is?

A: Roommates are selected during July and selections are communicated toward the end of the month. After you receive notification, you should be in touch with your roommate in order to coordinate what you will bring to the room, as well as the décor (if that matters to you).

Q: When will I know what room I’m in?

A: Your room assignment accompanies the information about your roommate. You can learn about room dimensions and more about the halls under the Student Life/Residence Life section of the website.

Q: Can commuter students purchase meals in the Dining Hall?

A: Yes.  Once you receive your student ID (during Big Red Weekend), go to the Office of Student Financial Services, where you can add as much money as you would like to your ID card or purchase a Commuter Meal Plan. Your ID is then used as a swipe card when you eat meals in the DH or purchase items at The Coffee House or The POD. You may also pay at the door per meal.

Q: When will I get my books?

A: For incoming freshmen and transfer students from 2016 forward, books and information resources are included within the cost of your student fee. Your books and information resources will be handed out during Big Red Weekend.

Q: What should I bring to the residence hall—and what am I not allowed to bring?

A: We put together a fairly comprehensive list of what you can pack for college under the Residence Life section of the website, but each student will bring items that suit her or his interests and needs.

Q: Is there special parking for students—and is a permit required?

A: Yes to both questions. Parking regulations are controlled by Campus Security.