Learning Support Services

The Staton Center provides academic support to Huntingdon students throughout their college career. This includes assistance with the development of academic skills in a variety of subjects, centralized academic advising, 1×1 tutoring, as well as assistance with writing assignments.  All services are free of charge.  To access learning support services, please come by the Staton Center on the 2nd Floor of the library or contact us via email statoncenter@hawks.huntingdon.edu.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Huntingdon faculty members are committed to supporting students and upholding the College’s non-discrimination policy. Under Title IX, discrimination based upon sex is prohibited; however, there are other forms of discrimination that Huntingdon also prohibits including: actual or perceived gender, gender identity, race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age and/or national origin.  Huntingdon’s full policy on non-discrimination can be found on the College’s web site at https://www.huntingdon.edu (scroll to the bottom) and in student handbooks.

If you experience an incident of sex-based discrimination or any other form of discrimination, we encourage you to report it.  While you may talk to a faculty member, understand that as a “Mandated Reporter” of the College, when the discrimination is covered by Huntingdon’s Sexual Misconduct & Discrimination Policy (and this would include sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking), the faculty member MUST report to the College’s Title IX Coordinator what you share. If you would like to speak with someone who may be able to afford you confidentiality, there are people on and off campus who can meet with you, and faculty are happy to help you connect with these people.  To find Huntingdon’s full policy and process for addressing sexual misconduct and sex-based discrimination go to  https://www.huntingdon.edu/misconduct/  You may also contact Huntingdon’s Title IX Coordinator, Prof. Eric A. Kidwell, at titleixcoordinator@hawks.huntingdon.edu or (334) 833-4420.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is required. Absences are excused in the case of travel with a Huntingdon-affiliated athletic team or performance group, or in the case of documented medical or personal emergency. Individual instructors may assess grade penalties for unexcused absences and may decline to allow make-up work without an excuse.

  • If provided in a location, it is the student’s responsibility to swipe in (using the Huntingdon College Official Student ID Card) at the location provided in the classroom in order to be counted as present for each class meeting.
  • Instructors may choose to take attendance manually.
  • In online courses, attendance is taken weekly; syllabi for such courses will indicate which activities a student must complete to be marked present for the week.

In any case, students are expected to check their Canvas courses after each class to verify accuracy of attendance, and to notify the instructor by the end of the day following that class meeting about any errors, regardless of the method by which attendance was recorded in a class.

Officially excused absences will be entered (or pre-entered when possible) by the following offices:

  • Athletics: Coaches
  • Medical: Health Services
  • Academic or Other Official College Events: Office of the Chief Academic Officer”

Classroom Code of Conduct

  • Students are expected to treat their peers and professors with respect. Students shall not interrupt their fellow students or professor. Derogatory or sarcastic comments directed at students or professors are never acceptable, including written comments on Canvas discussion boards.
  • Students shall attend all scheduled classes.
  • Students shall bring all necessary books and other materials to every class.
  • Students shall arrive for class on time.
  • Students shall not leave class early or gather materials together until the class has ended.
  • Students shall not engage in text messaging (receiving or sending) during class or talking on cell phones during class. If students have an emergency and must receive a message or call, they shall alert their professor at the beginning of class and then step out of the class to take the emergency call or message.
  • Students shall refrain from Internet surfing during class. If a faculty member believes that a student is using his or her electronic device in ways unrelated to class, the professor may prohibit the student from bringing his or her computer to class.
  • Students shall not talk with fellow students during class about topics unrelated to the course. Side conversations are distracting to one’s colleagues and the professor.
  • Students shall uphold the standards of academic integrity and the Honor Code.

Zoom Classroom Conduct:

Students participating in class via Zoom (or similar) must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • You must stay on the Zoom (or similar) call for the duration of the class
  • Unless your faculty member instructs you otherwise, you must be visible via webcam throughout class
  • You may make use of a Zoom (or similar) background if you wish; however, backgrounds may not be offensive, suggestive, or alarming
  • While on Zoom (or similar), you may not engage in other activities that impede your ability to participate in class; e.g., if an instructor or peer asks you a question, you must be in a position to give a response
  • Please dress as if you were attending class in person
  • Please ensure that inappropriate activity is not occurring in the background of your call, e.g., someone else changing clothes

Electronic Expectations and Privacy

  • You are expected to complete all assignments, and should daily check your e-mail and the Canvas Course page for important correspondence from your instructor. You are expected to maintain automatic notifications by Canvas, so that you will be notified of course changes and communications by your instructor.
  • Huntingdon College faculty and staff members are committed to keeping student information private, as required by law.  To serve this purpose, all student communications which are sent by email to any Huntingdon College representative, should be communicated by each student through his/her official Huntingdon College (@hawks.huntingdon.edu) account.
  • Students are automatically subscribed to several email lists through which necessary communications are distributed; students are required actively to maintain these subscriptions.
  • Students enrolled in online or hybrid courses require a laptop or tablet device with Chrome browser and internet access with sufficient network speed to allow video transfer. If an online course has a meeting time remote attendance via Zoom is required and governed by the attendance and conduct policies above. If an online course is asynchronous, students are expected to participate in the online course several times per week. Remote assessments may be proctored by Honorlock; granting requests for alternative proctoring options is the decision of the instructor.

Student Access Services

Faculty at Huntingdon College make every effort to accommodate unique and special needs of students with respect to speech, hearing, vision, seating, or other possible adaptations. Please notify the 504/ADA Coordinator, Dr. Lisa Olenik Dorman by email at  sas@hawks.huntingdon.edu or at 334.833.4465 as soon as possible of requested accommodations.

Illness and Medical Conditions

If you are experiencing symptoms of illness please contact the Director of Institutional Health, who can advise you whether to attend class and/or verify your medical excuse from classes. 

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