HC Announces Community Leadership Program


November 2, 2017

For more information, contact:
Su Ofe
(334) 833-4515; news@hawks.huntingdon.edu

Huntingdon Announces Community Leadership Program

Montgomery, Ala.—Huntingdon College will form a new scholarship and student learning cohort known as the Community Leadership Program beginning with students entering in the fall semester 2018, the College announced today. For the program, a four-year cohort of entering first-year students interested in helping Alabama communities grow and prosper will be selected. Interested high school seniors may apply for consideration by February 1 at

Students may major in any area and be part of the program. As part of the Community Leadership Program, students will participate in field trips, community development simulations, special guest lectures, and think-tanks on topics that influence community development.

“In order for our communities to thrive, we need to develop citizens’ thinking regarding how they can be part of that community-building process,” said Huntingdon College President J. Cameron West. “Rather than looking solely toward elected officials to make our communities thrive—and they certainly have a role—citizens need to understand that they have a role as well. Huntingdon has always been focused on developing graduates who are tuned into the College’s core values of faith, wisdom, and service, not only for their own lives, but also for their communities. The Community Leadership Program promises not only to reshape how students think, but also to influence the places and spaces where they live after graduating.”

Community Leadership Program (CLP) Scholars, who will be given $13,500 tuition scholarships, may explore a number of different topics. “There are so many important topics we can look at through the eyes and guidance of leaders who have addressed or are addressing these issues,” said West. “How does access to education affect a community’s leadership base? How do safe water and waste management affect community health? How do interstates and roadways, shopping access, education, and recreation affect a community’s ability to attract new enterprises? These are all such important topics—and there are so many more—we can address together. CLP is designed to develop an awareness of the issues and a new mindset toward addressing them.”

To learn more, interested students may contact Anthony Leigh, senior vice president for institutional development and alumni relations, at (334) 833-4528 or aleigh@hawks.huntingdon.edu.

Grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition of the United Methodist Church, Huntingdon is committed to nurturing growth in faith, wisdom, and service and to graduating individuals prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The College motto is “Enter to grow in wisdom; go forth to apply wisdom in service.”


Suellen (Su) Ofe
Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Huntingdon College
1500 E. Fairview Ave., Montgomery, AL 36106
(334) 833-4515; Cell (334) 324-6591

Suellen (Su) Ofe

Suellen (Su) Ofe

Vice President
for Marketing and Communications
(334) 833-4515 | news@hawks.huntingdon.edu

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