Huntingdon Academic Programs Present Academic Showcase

The Huntingdon College Office of Academic Affairs and the College’s academic programs will present an Academic Showcase Thursday, March 14.
The following students and departments will make presentations:
8:45-9:30 Paper Presentations
Religion – Flowers Hall, Room 205
Libby Varnum: “Are Pastors Leaving Ministry Because They Are Underprepared and Overworked”
Sarah Powell: “Gaming with God: a Christian Exploration of Video Games as Ministry”

9:30-10:30 Demonstrations & Poster Presentations
Sport Science & Physical Ed – Catherine Dixon Roland Center
Josie Waddell, Rayne Ellis, Kaitlyn Carter, Alexis DeVuyst: SSPE Research and Blood pressure screenings
Katelyn Simon, Stanley Magdon: Ability Sport Network information
Jonathan Robinson: SEC Championship Football Game project
SSPE306, Adaptive Physical Education

10:30-12:00 Poster Presentations
Accounting & Business – James W. Wilson Center
Gavin Baugh, Jasmine Cardwell: “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Virtual Board Presentations”
Logan Wilson, Anna Asbury, Caleb Bohrer, Gavin Baugh: “Blockchain Virtual Board Presentations”
Savannah Gibbs: “Blockchain: The Irony”
Bridges Knowles: “Blockchain: Trust and Intermediaries”

Biology – Houghton Memorial Library
Alexis Creasman: “The Effects of Fluoride on Bacterial Transformation”
Kayley Yates: “The Effects of Electron-Donating and Electron-Withdrawing Groups on a Signal Output of a Copper (II) and Fluoride Sensor”
Andrew Hines: “Coral Reefs and Ocean Acidification”

Chemistry – Houghton Memorial Library
Olivia V.S. den Besten: “Cyclic asymmetric aldol additions and dehydrations in hot pressurized water”
Sidney E. Ison, Jordan Fleming: “Probing the elemental content in coral from the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Barrier Reef”
MacKenzie Smelley, Seth Warren: “What’s in your tattoo? Comparison of content of commercial tattoo inks with native Maori body dyes from New Zealand”
Jordan McElroy: “Analysis of volcanic ash from Mount St. Helens and Kilauea eruptions: Comparison and contrast of elemental content by ICP-OES”
Ryan Brooks: “Molecular Modeling of the Helix-Turn-Helix Motifs in bacteriophage CI repressors”
Lauren Grace McGee, Logan Gildea: “Identification of DNA binding sites for the CI repressor of Bacteriophage ε34”
Richardria Goodson: “Purification, Modeling analysis of the bacteriophage E34 CI repressor”

Mathematics – Houghton Memorial Library
Mikal Webb: “The People’s Deontic Logic”
Hannah Parks: “Notakto Program”

Library/Archives – Houghton Memorial Library
Jennifer Hope Knox: Case Title “MANGATA (n.) the glimmering, road like reflection the moon creates on water”
Ciera Rogers: Case Title “Art of Alabama”

Communication Studies – Leo J. Drum, Jr. Theater
Megan Pugh: “Family Communication Patterns”
Nichole LeFevre: “The Only Wins We’re Getting on Saturdays”
Sidney Carol Hall: “The Modern Church and Social Media”

Psychology – Leo J. Drum, Jr. Theater
Kahli Clements: “Perceived Parenting Styles and Student Outcomes”
Shannon Lane: “Conformity as a Function of Ambiguity and the Influence of Social Media”

History & Political Science – Leo J. Drum, Jr. Theater
Amanda Mohun: “Historic Lowndesboro Alabama”
Katie Bianco: “An Interview with Huntingdon’s President J. Cameron West”
Jonathan Jones: “The Haitian Revolution”
Taylor Chestnutt: “Legality of Guantanamo”
Joe Frazer, III: “DEA and Drug Policy”
John Buford: “Israel and Palestine”

Teacher Education – Leo J. Drum, Jr. Theater
Brianna Lincoln, Amanda Main, Virginia Gaston, Randie Caine, Samara Miller: “Disability Awareness”

12:00-12:45 Readings & Performances
Fine Arts: Art Seay Twins Art Gallery
ART 207, Ceramics
ART 250, Painting
ART401, Advanced Studio
ART 499, Senior Capstone in Art

Languages & Literature – Seay Twins Art Gallery
Emily Fedonczak: “The Gothic Age Dimmed to Twilight”
Miles Barnhardt: “Ricky: Storytelling in the Modern Age”
Fall 2018 Prelude Release Seay Twins Art Gallery

Parents and guests are invited to join your student for lunch in the Dining Hall at 1:00 p.m.

7:00 p.m.
Speech & Forensic Event – Smith Auditorium
Colleen Collins: Persuasive
Bryan Jerome Korinko: Impromptu
Conner Howard: Impromptu
Zoya Robinson: Poetry
Lavia Walker: Prose

Huntingdon College continues a legacy of faith, wisdom, and service through a liberal arts academic tradition grounded in the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United Methodist Church.


Suellen (Su) Ofe
Vice President
for Marketing and Communications
Huntingdon College
1500 E. Fairview Ave., Montgomery, AL 36106
(334) 833-4515; Cell (334) 324-6591

Suellen (Su) Ofe

Suellen (Su) Ofe

Vice President
for Marketing and Communications
(334) 833-4515 |

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