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Huntingdon Offers Summer History Camp for High School Juniors


News Release

March 10, 2022
For more information, contact:
Su Ofe, (334) 833-4515; news@hawks.huntingdon.edu

Huntingdon Offers Summer History Camp for High School Juniors

Montgomery, Ala.— A new summer overnight camp developed and offered by Huntingdon College Department of History and Political Science faculty, Exploring American Democracy, will introduce rising high school juniors to the ideas that built the American Constitution. The camp will be held June 24–25, 2022, on the Huntingdon College campus. The cost to attend is $50, which includes learning materials, meals, and overnight accommodations in a Huntingdon residence hall.

“This will be an exciting and engaging journey into the essential ideas that have made the United States great,” said Dr. Blake Ball, assistant professor of history and department chair.

During the camp, students will participate in a mock Constitutional Convention in which each student will take on the role of one of the country’s founders. Participants will debate the central issues of the day including the nature of representation, the structure of government, and what rights should be guaranteed to citizens, among other topics.

“Ultimately, the students will write their own constitution based on their historical characters’ ideas and interests,” said Dr. Marcus Witcher, assistant professor of history. “Participants will learn important skills such as public speaking, negotiation, and compromise. Students will come away from the event with a better understanding of the challenges and rewards of the political process. Finally, participants will learn about the founding generation and the dilemmas they faced while trying to draft a new constitution for the young nation. The program will be filled with fun activities including role-playing the constitution, embarking on a founding-fathers-themed scavenger hunt, and an interactive session of Historians at the Movies (popcorn included!).”

Rising high school juniors may register for the experience by completing the form at www.huntingdon.edu/exploring-american-democracy. Registration is open through May 1, 2022. For more information, contact Laura Marie Brelsford at laura.brelsford@hawks.huntingdon.eduor (334) 833-4563.


Suellen (Su) Ofe

Suellen (Su) Ofe

Vice President
for Marketing and Communications
(334) 833-4515 | news@hawks.huntingdon.edu

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