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Brandon Abejon 2017

photo of Brandon Abejon

Brandon Abejon 2017

Corporal. Comedian. Boxer. Wrestler. Student. Outdoorsman. Leader. Marine. Sig Ep. Ju Jitsu enthusiast. Adrenaline junkie. All of these terms match Brandon Abejon ’17, who grew up in Minot, North Dakota, but moved to Huntsville, Alabama, at age 16. A corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps serving in an infantry reserve unit, Brandon serves as the Fire Team Leader of the Lima Company 3rd Battalion 23rd Marine Regiment. An accounting major, his post-Huntingdon plans could include reenlistment or attaining his CPA license, or both, but for now he’s the captain of Huntingdon’s inaugural wrestling team who boxes in the off-season and practices Ju Jitsu in his spare time. Stand-up comedy is his avocation, for which he studies the humor of Louis C.K. and Will Ferrell. Brandon’s favorite thing about Huntingdon is, “I have much more access and one-on-one help from professors than I would at a regular university.” His favorite professor is James DeLoach (business), “because he knows nearly all of his students on a personal level and he puts a major emphasis on relating the material to their own interests. He cares about providing applicable knowledge to his students and developing them into functioning and successful members of society.”  Brandon loves anything he can do outdoors—fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, skydiving—but settling down with his Xbox or a good film on Netflix is just fine, too. He isn’t afraid or anything, including pain, continuing to wrestle in his high school state tournament even after his ACL exploded and tore his LCL and meniscus in the middle of a match. He just kept going, just as he’s doing now, living off the adrenaline, thriving under pressure, and in full command of each moment.