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Campus computer platform updates 5/23–25

Online applications, information requests, and SelfService will be down during these updates.

Types of Counseling Appointments

Please review the following and indicate on your Counseling Appointment Request Form which type of appointment is appropriate for your needs. The HCCS counselor understands that each situation is unique and cannot be described fully in this document. A feeling of emergency or crisis is defined by the client. HCCS will respond according to the potential client’s description of the urgency with which s/he needs to be seen.

Level 1: Emergency Appointments

If you feel you are at immediate risk of taking your own life or the life of someone else, or if you have taken recent steps to end your life, your appointment is considered an emergency appointment. HCCS can assist you in contacting campus security, (334) 833-4463, or calling 911.

Level 2: Urgent Appointments

If you feel you are NOT at immediate risk of taking your own life or the life of someone else, and you have NOT taken recent steps to end your life, but you are dealing with a personal crisis that needs rapid attention from a mental health professional, your request is considered urgent. HCCS will assist you in receiving necessary resources.

Common issues addressed in urgent appointments include:

  • suicidal or homicidal thoughts without immediate intent to harm self or other
  • recent sexual assault
Level 3: Standard Appointments

Standard appointments are designed to assist clients with gaining access to Counseling Services or other campus services as needed. A standard appointment may or may not occur on the day you request an appointment, depending upon availability. Typically, standard appointments occur within one week of a request. Concerns that bring clients to standard appointments include:

  • anxiety/stress
  • eating and body image concerns
  • depression
  • academic difficulties
  • self esteem issues
  • trouble adjusting to college life
  • relationship problems/break-ups
  • alcohol or drug use
  • panic
  • recent loss of a loved one
Your Decision

After considering the descriptions of Emergency, Urgent, and Standard Appointments provided above, please indicate on your appointment request which type of appointment is appropriate for your situation.


On-site appointments are pre-paid through student fees and are no extra cost to the student. REQUEST A COUNSELING APPOINTMENT by completing the Counseling Appointment Request Form, which can be turned in at the Counseling Services office in Jackson Home or emailed to hccounseling@hawks.huntingdon.edu. You may also call the office at (334) 833-4302 to make an appointment.