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Awards Convocation

Friday, April 20, 11:45 a.m., Ligon Chapel, Flowers Hall

Academic Organizations

Walk for the health of it

Huntingdon Sport Science and Physical Education students hosted Walk for the Health of It, spring 2016.

  • The Accounting Club is open to students who are majoring in accounting or considering an accounting major. Its primary purpose is to promote growth and community among students of like interests. Many members of the club volunteer for the annual SaveFirst effort to provide free tax preparation services for eligible individuals and families.
  • The Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society is an active and award-winning club for chemistry enthusiasts.
  • Huntingdon’s student chapter of the Alabama Association for School Curriculum and Development is the state’s only collegiate chapter of ASCD, an association for students who plan for careers in the teaching field.
  • The Business Club is open to students interested in learning about current business issues. The primary purposes are to provide academic support and social interaction. The Business Club also offers a speaker series.
  • Chemistry Wizards places experienced chemistry students as mentors for those who are in first-year chemistry classes.
  • Drama Club: see Music and Drama Groups
  • The EXPERTS Club is open to and strongly encouraged for students enrolled in sport science and physical education programs.
  • The Future Physicians Club was formed in 2014 as a means of gathering Huntingdon students who plan to enter medical professions. The club hosts a speaker series and other activities.
  • Honor Societies
  • The Math Club’s purpose is to promote interest in mathematics. The club is open to any student who is interested in math.
  • Music Groups: See Music and Drama Groups
  • The Pre-Health Club gathers students who are interested in entering health professions, such as physical or occupational therapy, medicine, or exercise sciences, to learn from each other as well as about avenues for entering these professions.
  • The Pre-Pharmacy Club gathers students who plan for admission to doctor of pharmacy degree programs.
  • The Psychology Club meets periodically to discuss college life and to be informed by special speakers.
  • The Huntingdon College Women’s Center serves and represents the women of the Huntingdon community. Through awareness, advocacy, and a series of programs and events, including film festivals, dramatic readings, Domestic Violence Awareness Week, and Women’s History Month, the HC Women’s Center educates and empowers women students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community. All women and men are invited to participate.