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Alexa Murray 2017

photo of Alexa Murray

Alexa Murray 2017

Meet Huntingdon Ambassador Alexa Murray ’17, a psychology major and biology minor from Thompson’s Station, Tennessee. We’re not saying she’s impulsive, but there’s this: “I had only known about Huntingdon for a few hours before I decided to make the drive down to visit. As soon as I got here, everyone talked about how they’ve made something so great out of something so small. I decided that day to be a Hawk.” Alexa has poured her all into the Huntingdon experience, serving as president of her sorority, Phi Mu, and a member of SGA, the women’s lacrosse team, Voice of Justice, the Catholic Prayer Group, and the Psychology Club. A Presidential Fellow, she is also part of the Honors Program. Perhaps that’s why her three words for Huntingdon are, “Brimming with Opportunity.”  She says the craziest thing she has ever done was, “move four hours away from friends and family to a school I’d never heard of and a place I knew nothing about—which was also the best decision of my life.” Here, she feels right at home soaking in the sun on The Green or playing wall ball on the football field. Calming her nerves warrants puppy therapy at Petland, retail therapy at Dillard’s, binge watching The Twilight Zone on Netflix in the Phi Mu house, or consuming copious amounts of gummy worms (she stocks up in The Coffee House, her favorite place to study). Her  favorite thing about Huntingdon is, “People’s willingness to help others is unparalleled, even if it’s just holding open a door.” If Alexa could have dinner with someone she’s never met, she says she’d choose Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, “so I could ask him how he knew so much about life as a 26-year-old to write the song, ‘Dream On.’” Alexa’s dream is to earn a Ph.D. in experimental psychology, and with a strong GPA, a heart for enthusiastic involvement, and a spirit of friendliness and collaboration, she’s well on her way to achieving that dream. So dream on, Alexa. Dream until your dreams come true.