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Allison Barger 2017

photo of Allison Barger

Allison Barger ’17

Everybody knows Huntingdon Ambassador Allison Barger ’17. “Involved” is practically her middle name. Athletic events? She’s there. Chapel? She’s there. Intramurals? She’s there. Greek life? She’s there. Student life events? There. She’s a tiny little bundle of dynamite whose fuse is always lit. It’s hard to believe she could ever be anywhere but on campus, given how often you can spy her swiftly walking in your direction, but she’s off-campus, too, working as a youth intern for First United Methodist Church-Montgomery and using that experience to discern her future calling: ministry or non-profit work? Alli says she chose Huntingdon because she was looking for a small school that held many opportunities, and she has certainly capitalized on all there is to do at HC. She says her favorite things are “being able to eat lunch in the DH with my professors to talk about school and life and get their advice. I love knowing everyone on campus and never feeling out-of-place.” Thinking is also an important activity for this English and Christian education double-major, who prizes “being able to take religion classes and learn about Jesus and the bible while asking the ‘hard questions’—this stretches you and strengthens your faith.” In Huntingdon, this Northridge High School graduate from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, believes she has found “a place to grow in my faith while building long-lasting friendships.” And given that she picks up a new friend everywhere she goes—and she’s everywhere—she’s certainly got a lot of those friendships to buoy her forward for the rest of her life.