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Caroline Cooper 2018

photo of Caroline Cooper

Caroline Cooper 2018

Watch out, Jimmy Fallon. You have a best friend at Huntingdon you haven’t met yet—but we’ll get to that in a minute. Ambassador Caroline Cooper ’18, like fellow ambassador Margaret Virginia Murphy ’17, came to Huntingdon already having a family history. Her mom is Susan Adams Cooper ’99, aunt and uncle are Jason (’96) and Shawn Macon Adams ’96, great-aunt is the late Joyce Ponton Martin ’56, and grandfather, Howard Adams, is on the College Board of Trustees. Maybe that’s why her three words for Huntingdon are “Life-long family.” Still, she didn’t come to Huntingdon directly from high school but transferred after three semesters at Ole Miss. “Huntingdon proved to be everything I was needing,” she says, “growth in faith, wisdom, and service for others.” A chemistry major, Caroline enjoys Huntingdon’s classroom atmosphere, where “you can be yourself 100%.” Her favorite place to study is the family sunroom in her Loxley, Alabama, home. Caroline has appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and she’s a Pure Barre enthusiast. Her favorite thing to do at HC is attend the Chapel services on Wednesdays, “followed by eating in the DH with everyone to reflect on the message we just heard.” She says if she could have dinner with anyone she’d choose Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. “We could totally be best friends.” We’re guessing they’d eat Brussels sprouts, her favorite food. After Caroline completes her degree requirements in December 2017 she’ll move on to a Pharm.D. program. We just hope she can stay stocked up on Brussels sprouts and she has cable so she can stay connected to her best friend.