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Joshua Clayton 2017

photo of Joshua Clayton

Joshua Clayton 2017

There’s something about an artist’s mind that separates him or her from others. Theirs is a unique way of seeing, summarizing their minds’ visions, and replicating that mind-vision to their media of choice. Give Huntingdon Ambassador Joshua Clayton ’17 a drawing board, paper, and utensils—or better yet, a computer—and you’ll be introduced to a whole new dimension of his talent and passion. It’s not just that the guy can draw, but also that he’s resolute about achieving excellence and steadfast in his pursuit of learning. Constant improvement is his goal. A digital art major, Josh graduated from Ramsay High School in Birmingham and intends to enter graduate study in graphic design after his HC graduation. When he isn’t creating something, he’s on the field as a member of the men’s lacrosse team. His favorite things to do, not surprisingly, are to draw, exercise, and read, and his favorite off-campus haunts are the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and Blount Cultural Park. His three words for Huntingdon? “Family, rewarding, trajectory.” There’s no doubt this softspoken, gentle, creative soul will be catapulted from his Huntingdon family toward a long and successful career in the arts.