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Lake Romine 2017

Lake Romine photo

Lake Romine 2017

Just do it. That kick-you-in-the-pants Nike philosophy/slogan may consist of three of the most-repeated and recognizable words ever meant to inspire, and they have deep meaning for Ambassador Lake Romine ’17, as well. Each football season, Lake takes the field six days a week as a member of the Hawks football team. An Alabama football season can include some melt-your-feet-off hot days on the field, and practice, training, and play equate to a lot of hard, dirty, sweaty, excruciating work. But Lake’s up to the challenge. Lake is a sport management and business administration major from Anderson, Alabama, who says that working for Nike would be a dream job for him. He’d also love to have dinner with company owner Phil Knight, because “I’d love to sit down and pick the mind of someone who has had such a successful life.” Lake’s on-campus mentor is Coach Charlie Goodyear, director of strength and conditioning for Huntingdon athletics, of whom Lake says, “He not only wants each of us to be the best football player we can be, he wants us to be the best employee, husband, and father we can be after our playing days are over. At most schools they only try to shape you for football, but here we have a coach who cares for you even after your playing days are over and I will always thank him for that.” Lake says he loves the “small campus vibe” of Huntingdon and describes Huntingdon with these three words: Family, Enriching, Supportive. Lake lettered in football for six years and in basketball for two years at Lauderdale County High School—he was also named All-County and Honorable Mention All-Area. At Huntingdon, he’s been recognized on both Dean’s Lists and on the All-Academic Team as well as garnering accolades for his play at the linebacker position for the Hawks. So watch for #42 on the field for his final season, and remember that no student at Huntingdon fits any one label. For Lake, label him—like many of the men on the Hawks football team—an all-around, hard-working, prepared-for-the-future, ready to dig-in-and-just-do-it, good guy.