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The Class of 2018 graduates Saturday, May 5!

Traditional Day, 9:00 a.m.; Evening Studies, 6:00 p.m., The Green

Lexie Ofe 2017

photo of Lexie Ofe

Lexie Ofe 2017

This Hawk can fly—and she’s done it quite often. In fact, during summer 2016, as a Peace Intern with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Ambassador Lexie Ofe ’17 flew to a different state every week, offering presentations on peace and social justice issues at various summer camps throughout the United States. The Peace Internship is a highly selective position she’s coveted since she was nine. Peace and social justice issues are more than just important to Lexie—they’re her lifeblood—and summer 2016 wasn’t the first time she spread her wings. In the fall of 2015 she studied peace and social justice at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland (and took side trips to Ireland, England, Scotland, and  Iceland). She spent the summer of 2014 offering workshops on racial inequality and social justice in inner city St. Louis. She’s also interned with the ACLU and volunteered her time with the Equal Justice Initiative and a wide list of other organizations (In July 2016 she was named MANE’s 2016 Huntingdon Volunteer of the Year). This year, she is working with the Southern Poverty Law Center and with the Alabama Association of School Boards. Born in Pittsburgh but raised in Montgomery, Lexie is a product of the magnet school program (LAMP High School) and a lot of personal study, building a personal library by asking for books every birthday and Christmas since she said her first word, which was—what else?—book. She’s a Libra who can sniff out a used bookstore in every city she visits. On campus, she gives her time to majors in English and religion and a minor in political science, for which she carries a 4.0 GPA. She’s a member of Chi Omega women’s fraternity and Voice of Justice and just about every honor society for which she’s eligible. Her favorite thing to do on campus (don’t tell anyone) is to “climb the tree behind Flowers, all the way up to the perfect spot for reading.” Lexie’s goal is to uplift everyone she meets and to, intentionally, meet and love the most downtrodden. She’s a human, one-of-a-kind, walking (and flying) sunflower, and we’re glad she’s shining with us as a Huntingdon Ambassador.