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Luke Bailey 2017

Luke Bailey photo

Luke Bailey 2017

Don that cowboy hat and shine up those boots, partner: Ambassador Luke Bailey’s in town. Get ready to be impressed.  Luke may be one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, and he’s taken on one of the toughest jobs in college football—quarterback—with no-sweat-off-your-back ease at the helm of the Hawks. In the 2015 season alone he threw for 2539 yards and 28 touchdowns—in fact, he threw and handed-off so well that the Hawks won the USA South Athletic Conference and made it to the second round of post-season play for the first time in program history. Cool in the face of competition, what spurs Luke forward is the desire to go back home to Fairview, Alabama, and work on his family farm, a cattle business that is well-known throughout the Southeast. Luke says the only family ties he has to Huntingdon are “the family bonds I have made since I’ve been here.” That means a lot, coming from a guy for whom home and family are far more than just words. “Integrity, determination, champions,” are the three words Luke chooses to describe Huntingdon, where he leads small-group bible study on Monday nights and plays in the Tuesday Night Worship band in addition to his constant work at the Chuck. Besides cattle work, Luke plans for a future in the mission field, using his knowledge as a religion major and his huge heart to make a difference in others’ lives. Look out world, a new sheriff is in town. You can call him Cool Hand Luke, Class of 2017.