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Mark White 2017

photo of Mark White

Mark White 2017

Quirky, endearing, sharply witty, intensely intellectual. That’s Ambassador Mark White ’17, who just might be the Red Lady (ask him) or embrace saving the dolphins as his destiny. An English major with lots of credits in history, his plan beyond Huntingdon could include law school, or teaching, or teaching at a law school, unless he heads toward that saving-the-dolphins thing. His favorite aspects of Huntingdon are “the trees, and the ability to walk to the Coffee Shop at 10:00 p.m. and buy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.” Watch out, though. He may be hiding behind one of those many trees, waiting to jump out at you when you least suspect it (one of his favorite things to do). He loves to sleep, but early morning work-outs for his position as a running back on the USA South Athletic Conference Champion Hawks football team often preclude that joy. In the summers, when he’s home in Washington, Georgia, he works on a chicken farm in between reading books, working out, playing video games and “watching films from the ‘60s and trying desperately to relate.” Just about the only time you’ll see him without a book in his hand is at football practice. One of the sharpest minds and wits you’ll meet, he’s gradually working his way through the library’s book collection from “some obscure out-of-the-way nook” on the second floor. His favorite professor is Dr. Jennifer Fremlin, chair of the Department of Languages and Literature, “because she is an immigrant who CHOSE under her own FREE WILL to leave Canada. And she likes James Baldwin.” If he could meet anyone for dinner, he says he’d choose Ghandi. “We would be able to speak to one another about social justice and love for one’s fellow man or woman. Also, he’d probably be fasting so he’d let me finish his food.” What can we say? There’s no way to describe him, you just have to meet him. Afterward, you’ll be glad you did.