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Awards Convocation

Friday, April 20, 11:45 a.m., Ligon Chapel, Flowers Hall

Vic Jerald 2018

photo of Vic Jerald

Vic Jerald 2018

During summer 2016, Ambassador Vic  Jerald ’18 offered one of the first warm welcomes to Huntingdon’s newest Hawks. He served as an Orientation Leader, and our freshest freshmen were in good talons, led by a huge heart. A swooshing streak of scarlet and grey on the Hawks football field in addition to being an Orientation Leader extraordinaire, Vic is always rushing toward a goal line or a new opportunity to lead. Don’t blink. He’s that fast. Vic rushed and received for 697 yards his sophomore season, averaging 69.7 yards per game and earning five touchdowns. He’s a graduate of Briarwood Christian School near his hometown of Dolomite, Alabama, where he lettered in football and track and field and was named to the All-County team. He was Briarwood’s second all-time rusher. Now majoring in sport management and minoring in business, Vic’s goal is to be a college coach or to work in professional team operations. He says he chose Huntingdon because, “The environment made me feel comfortable. The small campus and friendly people made it an easy decision.” His favorite professor so far has been Dr. Jimmy Jeffcoat, professor of religion, about whom he says, “His classes aren’t boring—he’s entertaining and he’s knowledgeable about the subjects he teaches.” Montgomery is a historic city—in fact, it was recently voted America’s most historic city—and Vic enjoys visiting downtown landmarks like the Civil Rights Monument, the Rosa Parks Museum, and the church where Dr. Martin Luther King preached. One place you won’t find him is in front of a TV—this guy is too busy for that, unless there’s a good game on the tube. You also won’t find him on The Green, because he’s allergic to grass (and cats, and dogs …). His favorite place to study, besides his room, is in the Wilson Center—especially during Finals Week, “because you can usually find a study partner.” And who wouldn’t want to partner with a guy as cool as Vic Jerald? After all, he’s Huntingdon’s Scarlet Streak.