Take Note

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Safety Tips

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  • Do not walk alone at night. Stay near well-lit and populated areas. If you must walk alone at night, be aware of your surroundings and take precautions. Keep your keys and your phone handy.
  • Do not put your name and address on your keys.
  • Do not prop open residence hall doors. Lock your residence hall room, especially when you are away.
  • Do not open first floor windows in your residence hall.
  • Record the make, model, and serial number of valuables such as stereos, VCRs, cameras, bikes, etc. You may register this information with the Campus Security office.
  • Engrave identifying information on your valuables. An engraver is available in the Campus Security Office.
  • Never lend your keys or swipe card to anyone.
  • To protect your belongings, always lock your residence hall room and/or car door.
  • Never leave belongings in plain sight in your car. If you must leave belongings in your car, make sure they are concealed in a trunk or glove box and make sure your car doors are locked.
  • Report any suspicious persons or vehicles to Campus Security at (334) 833-4463 immediately.
  • If you are uneasy or must walk across campus late at night alone, call for a security escort at (334) 833-4463.