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Awards Convocation

Friday, April 20, 11:45 a.m., Ligon Chapel, Flowers Hall

Student Mailboxes

Every full-time day campus resident is assigned a campus mailbox and given a mailbox key for access to the box. College mailboxes are located in Catherine Dixon Roland Student Center lobby, near the corridor for the Huntingdon Bookstore and the Print and Mail Services Center. Check your box regularly, as this is one of the official means of communication for Huntingdon students. You will receive your box number and key when you check in as a new student.

Mailing Address

Your mailing address at Huntingdon College is:

  • Student Name, Huntingdon College
  • Box #, 1500 E. Fairview Avenue
  • Montgomery, AL 36106


Graduating students must turn in their keys and provide a forwarding address to the mailroom staff. Graduates who do not return their keys will be charged a fee of $50, which will be refunded if the key is returned. The graduate’s mail will be forwarded for 90 days from the date of Commencement.


Students returning in the fall may have their mail forwarded during the summer months by turning in their keys and providing a forwarding address. Mail will stop being forwarded the Monday before classes start in the fall semester. The student will then need to go by the mailroom and pick up his or her key.

Key Loss

The charge for a replacement key is $50. The student must pay this fee to the Business Office before a new key will be issued. Show the receipt to the Tech Team so that a new key may be ordered.

Withdrawing Students

Students who withdraw from the College must turn in their mail keys before leaving campus or be charged $50. Keys may be returned to Residence Life, the mailroom, or the Office of Student Financial Services.