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November 10, 2023
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Life in Ligon

Montgomery, Ala. – Over ninety freshmen women housed across three floors creates an intimate environment for connection for the ladies of Ligon Hall. Kalee Russell ’27 and Emma Grace Samples ’27 were assigned to live together by the residence life staff this summer and they offer a glimpse into their life on the first floor during the Fall semester in this Q and A spotlight.

Q. Share your biographical information – your name, hometown, and major.

Kalee: My name is Kalee Russell and I am from Greenville, Alabama majoring in communication studies.

Emma Grace: Hi, I’m Emma Grace Samples and I grew up in Gadsden, Alabama. My parents are Jimmy and Deborah Samples. My major here at Huntingdon is secondary education with history/ social studies and I minor in religion.

Q. Why did you choose to come to Huntingdon?

Kalee: Stepping on campus during my first tour of Huntingdon, I immediately knew where I wanted to be. Huntingdon felt like home to me, and it’s so easy to be seen and understood in this close-knit community.

Emma Grace: I chose to come to Huntingdon because I felt it was a place where I could be around like-minded individuals who would challenge me to be my best self. I also fell in love with the campus and community on my first initial visit and have not lost that love yet.

Q. Did you request your roommate or did you get randomly assigned to each other? How did you first connect?

Kalee: Emma Grace and I got randomly selected to be roommates. The first time we actually contacted each other was the day before I moved in where I learned she wouldn’t be moving in until two days after me. When she moved in we immediately hit it off and now we are inseparable. Never one without the other!

Emma Grace: I am a UCA staffer and was sent to Texas for a camp this summer and I remember waking up the next morning to an Instagram DM saying, “Hey girl I’m Kalee, I’m your roommate by the way! Do you know when you’re moving in?” Me and Kalee were not randomly assigned because God placed her in my life to be my best friend.

Q. What has been your greatest adjustment to living in a college dormitory?

Kalee: My greatest adjustment would have to be getting used to living in such a small space with a lot of other girls. Learning how everyone goes about their daily lives and meshing it with mine to make sure we all work together for maximum living has been a surprisingly easy adjustment.

Emma Grace: My greatest adjustment has been learning to listen and adapt to living with so many girls and all of us having to make washing schedules.

Q. What’s the funniest thing that has happened on your hall this semester?

Kalee: Dance parties until 3am!

Emma Grace: Coming in and finding my roommate just randomly laying on the floor stretching, reading, studying, or the rare crying sesh we have together.

Q. What snacks do you keep on hand in Ligon?

Kalee: Small snacks that I can eat in my dorm but also grab to take to class like little bags of chips or a granola bar! In my fridge I keep yogurt and drinks like Gatorade and water.

Emma Grace: You will always find popcorn and hot coco in Ligon 112. It quite literally has been kept in stock since the summer.

Q. How many days a week do you find time for a midday nap?

Kalee: At least twice a week! I have a good-sized gap between classes so I can get that ten-minute nap in.

Emma Grace: Almost every day I can fit in a nap. Sometimes I use that time for studying, or dressing up for an event, but the time is always there.

Q. What are all the activities you are involved in at Huntingdon?

Kalee: I am a member of the dance team, Tuesday Night Worship team, choir, and the Freshman Leader Initiative. I am also a Freshman Senator for SGA, a Student Recruiter for the spring semester, and involved in Greek life where I call Chi Omega my home!

Emma Grace: Since coming to Huntingdon I have been involved in many things including Cheer, I am the Community Service Chair for the Freshman Leadership Initiative, I am a Freshman Senator for SGA, I belong to all of my sisters in Alpha Omicron Pi and have just been selected to be on the Event Planning committee, I am a sports PA for our athletic department, I am involved in our Campus Ministries, I am a work study for the admissions department, and I have been selected to be a student recruiter in the Fall of 2024

Q. Do you study in your room or do you have another spot on campus where you do your best studying?

Kalee: I do prefer to study in the comfort of my dorm room, but when that space gets a little too small, I head to the library to study!

Emma Grace: I study in my room whenever I can but if I can’t focus I take a quick trip to the library to pinpoint my focus on my studies.

Q. What are you most looking forward to about the spring semester?

Kalee: I’m looking forward to our dance season starting and being involved in new classes.

Emma Grace: I most look forward to my new history and religion classes like Ancient Greece and Interpreting the New Testament.

Q. Who on your hall makes life in Ligon most entertaining and why?

Kalee: I would say one of the sweetest girls on our hall is Kylie Clune. Every time you see her she always has a smile on her face and always speaks in passing!

Emma Grace: Haley Hatcher because she is always a fun light and always has a smile and the kindest words to say to anyone.


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