Alumni Babies Born in 2023


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December 26, 2023
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Alumni Babies Born in 2023

Photo: Willie Vinson ’15 and Ashley Daniels Vinson ’16 with their three future Hawks during the Christmas season.

Montgomery, Ala. –2023 is a year that welcomed dozens of future members of the Huntingdon classes of 2044 and 2045 into the world as many members of the Huntingdon alumni family celebrated the birth of a child.

If you know of children born to Huntingdon alumni in 2023 who are not included in the list below, please email to share that exciting information.

Tyler Abernathy ’23 and his wife, Georgia, welcomed a daughter, Nella Rose Abernathy, in September 2023.

Meghin Agby ’17 and her husband, Sean Handerhan ’17, welcomed a son, Everett, in May 2023.

Rev. Jack Allen ’14 and his wife, Heather Kelly Allen ’14, welcomed a daughter, Jane Evelyn Allen, in May 2023.

Caitlin Wright Aplin ’21 and her husband, Michael, welcomed a daughter, Vivian Marie Aplin, in June 2023.

Mary Gasson Armbruster ’14 and her husband, Rob, welcomed a son, Theodore Asher Armbruster, in September 2023.

Luke Bailey ’17 and his wife, Taylor, welcomed a son, Conrad Bailey, in March 2023.

Savannah Gibbs Baine ’20 and her husband, Stephen, welcomed a son, Stephen Gregory Baine, III, in July 2023.

Quadarius Belser ’18 and his wife, Abigayle, welcomed a daughter, Zion Belser, in March 2023.

Keturah Billen-Washington ‘20 and her husband, Aaron Washington ‘20, welcomed a daughter, Kaprina Janae’ Washington in March 2023.

Kelvin Bowser ’21 and his wife, Brenna, welcomed a daughter, Olivia Grey Bowser, in November 2023.

Bailee Ikner Brantley ’14 and her husband, Jeremy, welcomed a son, Tucker Dean Brantley, in July 2023.

Spencer Brown ’15 and his wife, Abby, welcomed a daughter, Blake Brown, in October 2023.

Connor Bruce ’21 and his wife, Kati, welcomed a son, Joseph Maverick Bruce, in October 2023.

Khyrim Bryant ‘21 and Mekirah Baker welcomed a son, Makai, in November 2023.

Joseph Calvert ’19 and his wife, Katie, welcomed a daughter, Townley Jay Calvert, in September 2023.

Madeline Pendley Cannon ’16 and her husband, Colby, welcomed a son, Emmett Roy Cannon, in July 2023.

Josh Childers ’16 and his wife, Reba, welcomed a son, Landon Knox Childers, in June 2023.

Colton Chinn ‘20 and BreeAnna Garner welcomed a daughter, Emarie Kayte Chinn, in October 2023.

Alex Lowery Cole ’19 and her husband, Tyler, welcomed a son, Tucker Acton Cole, in May 2023.

Dr. Brittany Gaydosh Cotant ’08 and her husband, Dr. Adam Cotant ‘09, welcomed a son, Brayden Adam Cotant, in October 2023.

Rusty Cowley ’12 and his wife, Emilie, welcomed a son, Charles Thomas Cowley, in May 2023.

Will Dake ’15 and his wife, Kayla Causby Dake ’15, welcomed a son, Baylor Thomas Dake, in June 2023.

Miranda Owens Damron ’18 and her husband, Justin, welcomed a son, Owen Michael Damron, in March 2023.

James Daniels ‘11 and his wife, Alyssa McCurry Daniels ‘14, welcomed a daughter, Maya Daniels, in December 2023.

Dr. Zach Dedman ‘16 and his wife, Jordan, welcomed a son, Scott Hayes Dedman, in November 2023.

Rev. Jagger Eastman ’15 and his wife, Anna, welcomed a daughter, Sara Henley Eastman in November 2023.

Walker Garrett ’07 and his wife, Kelsea, welcomed a son, Griffith Keith Garrett, in August 2023.

Michael Glasgow ’10 and his wife, Hannah, welcomed a son, Fisher Michael Glasgow, in July 2023.

Kylee Blake Goodwin ’15 and her husband, Chris, welcomed a daughter, Addison Lou Goodwin, in June 2023.

Craig Granger ’14 and his wife, Calley, welcomed a daughter, Charlotte Blaire Granger, in January 2023.

Ashley Bonner Gresham ’13 and her husband, Tyler Gresham ’14, welcomed twins, Miller Ruth Gresham and Emerson Jane Gresham, in November 2023.

Sam Griffin ’11 and his wife, Morgan Senn Griffin ’13, welcomed a daughter, Emily James Griffin, in June 2023.

Dr. Kent Hagan ’11 and his wife, Caitlin McMahon Hagan ’12, welcomed a son, Blaise Ignatius Hagan, in June 2023.

Bryant Hall ’12 and his wife, Andrea, welcomed a daughter, Addisyn Grace Hall, in March 2023.

Jarett Hall ’14 and his wife, Adrienne, welcomed a daughter, Nora Gray Hall, in November 2023.

Patrick Hargrove ’11 and his wife, Kirstin, welcomed a son, John Patrick Hargrove, in January 2023.

Juliette Harp ‘18 welcomed a son, Jakai, in August 2023.

Drew Harrell ’11 and his wife, Dr. Christian Vick Harrell ‘13, welcomed a daughter, Grace Evans Harrell, in January 2023.

Lonnitria Keenan Harvell ’16 and her husband, Brandon, welcomed a son, Bryceton, in January 2023.

Evan Haulman ’09 and his wife, Dr. Jessica Dickson Haulman ’12, welcomed a son, Conrad Haulman, in April 2023.

Brady Herring ‘22 and his wife, Marilaine, welcomed a son, John Brackin Herring, in December 2023.

Haley Riddle Hughes ‘20 and her husband, Christopher, welcomed a son, Ryver Austin Hughes, in December 2023.

Taylor Hughes ’15 and his wife, Sjohna Pierce Hughes ’15, welcomed a son, Jackson Pierce Hughes, in July 2023.

Thomas Hughes ’13 and his wife, Hannah, welcomed a son, Mason Thomas Hughes, in August 2023.

Matt Kelser ’07 and his wife, Patti Lee ’08, welcomed a daughter, Olive Sidney Kelser, in October 2023.

Todd Kelser ‘02 and his wife, Ashley, welcomed a son, Brooks Dillon Kelser, in December 2023.

Nicole Duff Kimbrough ’08 and her husband, Jarvis, welcomed a daughter, Farah Janelle, in February 2023.

Logan Henderson Lambert ‘11 and her husband welcomed a daughter, Baylin Grace Lambert, in February 2023.

Michael Lambert ’20 and his wife, Emily Grace, welcomed a son, Wilson Michael Lambert, in March 2023.

Dr. Kyle Lancaster ’17 and his wife, Taylor Blackwell Lancaster ’17, welcomed a daughter, Emilia Mae Lancaster, in August 2023.

Alyssa Lear ’22 and Bryan Folds welcomed a son, Andrew Wesley Folds, in August 2023.

Jamey Lester ’15 and his wife, Mandy, welcomed a son, Miles Lester, in May 2023.

Cam Lewis ’14 and his wife, Arlyn Williams Lewis ’14, welcomed twin daughters, Adelyn and Katie, in October 2023.

Brittney Gilliland Liebbe ’11 and her husband, Greg, welcomed a son, Wells Calvin Liebbe, in November 2023.

Alex Moore Livingston ’17 and her husband, Chandler, welcomed a daughter, Ellie James Livingston, in August 2023.

Dylan Lombardo ‘22 welcomed a son, Leo Lombardo, in December 2023.

Frazer McCurdy ’11 and his wife, Jordan, welcomed a daughter, Merritt Bray McCurdy, in July 2023.

Taylor McGuffin ’14 and his wife, Bethany, welcomed a son, Blake Allen McGuffin, in May 2023.

Tiffany Dean McNelley ’12 and her husband, Justin, welcomed a son, Oliver Dean McNelley, in August 2023.

Ian Meadows ’16 and Sandy Mayson Meadows ’18 welcomed a daughter, Joy Campbell Meadows in November 2023.

Craig Miller ’06 and his wife, Ashley, welcomed a daughter, Annaleigh Faith Miller, in May 2023.

Ashleigh Moncrief Nall ’17 and her husband, Owen, welcomed a son, James Beckett Nall, in March 2023.

Megan-Rhea Lewis Nash ’15 and her husband, Thomas, welcomed a daughter, Evelyn Era Nash, in May 2023.

Brent Nichols ’08 and his wife, Allison Keck Nichols ’10, adopted a son, Henry, in June 2023.

Baylee Harrington Nix ’21 and her husband, Josh, welcomed a son, Asher Lee Nix, in September 2023.

Dr. Christine Whiten Osborne ‘11 and her husband, Jordan Osborne ’12, welcomed a daughter, Scarlett Paige Osborne, in July 2023.

Andy Patterson ’11 and his wife, Austill, welcomed a daughter, Virginia Nell, in May 2023.

Joey Peacock ’15 and Ebony Walton welcomed a son, Jrue Langston, in January 2023.

Karter Porter ’17 and his wife, Montana, welcomed a son, Kylan Porter, in June 2023.

Larry Pritchett ’13 and his wife, Kali, welcomed a daughter, Reid Elizabeth Pritchett, in September 2023.

Julia Shappert Revilla ’17 and her husband, Michael, welcomed a daughter, Amelia Marie Revilla, in April 2023.

Bria Rochelle-Stephens ’18 and her husband, Jameson, welcomed twin sons, Charlie and Harrison, in April 2023.

Victoria Luchner Rommel ’15, and her husband, Michael, welcomed a daughter, Palmer Ann Rommel, in April 2023.

Margaret Murphy Schuneman ‘17 and her husband, Spencer, welcomed a son, Mason Douglas Schuneman in November 2023.

Katie Holsonback Sewell ’12 and her husband welcomed a son, Rhett Anders Sewell, in February 2023.

Katy Messick Short ’16 and her husband, Alex, welcomed a son, Cooper Reynold Short, in July 2023.

Terah Phillips Shrout ’11 and her husband, Brandon Shrout ’08, welcomed a son, Thomas Kimball Shrout, in October 2023.

Kendall Fant Siefert ’14 and her husband, Joey, welcomed a daughter, Maisie Joe Siefert, in June 2023.

Amber Wade Smith ‘18 and her husband, Jared, welcomed a son, Bowden Wade Smith, in December 2023.

Jacob Smith ’21 and Kaylynn Monday welcomed a son, Maddox Smith, in February 2023.

Jeremiah Stone ’16 and his wife, Allison, welcomed a son, Jeremiah Cash Stone, Jr., in May 2023.

Dino Tampary ’12 and Cheyenne Young Tampary ’14 welcomed a daughter, Daphne Ann Tampary, in July 2023.

Alex Taylor ’12 and his wife, Alli, welcomed a son, Ellis Alexander Taylor, in June 2023.

Chip Taylor ’18 and his wife, Alyson, welcomed a daughter, Louise Adair Taylor, in March 2023.

Ryne Taylor ’14 and his wife, McKenzie, welcomed a son, Ruben Trent Taylor, in September 2023.

Anna Stephens Thomas ‘15 and her husband, Domonique Thomas ’16, welcomed a son, Callum Walker Thomas, in July 2023.

Will Thrash ’17 and his wife, Elley, welcomed a daughter, Wren Elizabeth Thrash, in May 2023.

Chuck Tidmore ’15 and his wife, Erin, welcomed a daughter, Sunny Tidmore, in August 2023.

Aaron Triplett ’17 and his wife, Jade, welcomed a son, Luke Harrison Triplett, in February 2023.

Lot Turner ’21 and his wife, Blake, welcomed a son, Leonard Owen Turner IV, in July 2023.

Molly Crossno Vecsey ’14 and her husband, Michael Vecsey ’13, welcomed a daughter, Nora Claire Vecsey, in December 2023.

Dr. Jack Vibbert ’08 and his wife, Ashley Bunt Vibbert ’09, welcomed a son, Jonah Tyler Vibbert, in March 2023.

Willie Vinson ’15 and his wife, Ashley Daniels Vinson ’16, welcomed a son, Axel Alexander Vinson in October 2023.

Allyn Powell Walters ‘12 and her husband, Hank, welcomed a daughter, Elizabeth Campbell Walters, in December 2023.

Jay Ware ’17 and his wife welcomed a daughter, Jessa Lynda Ware, in July 2023.

Austin Washington ’18 and his wife, Audra Osborne Washington ’18, welcomed a daughter, Naomi Alexandria Washington in August 2023.

Caleb White ’23 and Amy Heard welcomed a son, Matthew James White, in March 2023.

Dr. Josh White ’06 and his wife welcomed a daughter, Harmony Faith, in April 2023.

Melissa McClure Whitlow ‘13 and her husband, John, welcomed a son, Ward McClure Whitlow, in December 2023.

Adam Whittaker ’11 and his wife welcomed a daughter, Mia Isabella, in January 2023.

Chance Williams ’15 and his wife, Ashton Brinley Williams ’17, welcomed a daughter, Brinley Chase Williams in March 2023.

Dakota Williams ’20 and Alyssa Griffin welcomed a daughter, Iyla Marie, in April 2023.

Macy Martin Willoughby ’18 and her husband, Joe, welcomed a daughter, Elaine Pace Willoughby, in July 2023.

Logan Wilson ’19 and his wife, Jordan, welcomed a son, Hudson Michael Wilson, in October 2023.

Rev. Micah Wright ’15 and his wife, Rev. Kristen Curtis Wright ’16, welcomed a daughter, Callum Michelle Wright, in September 2023.

Jarrett White ’19 and his wife, Haleigh, welcomed a daughter, Avery Elizabeth White, in June 2023.

Dr. Will Wright ’15 and his wife, Carlee Nobles Wright ’16, welcomed a son, Wells Campbell Wright, in May 2023.


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