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Dr. Erastus C. Dudley

Erastus C. ‘Topher’ Dudley, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology


Phone Number: (334) 833-4582
Office and/or Address: Bellingrath Hall, Room 101


  • Fellow, Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research, National Institutes of Health
  • Ph.D., M.Phil., M.S., Yale University
  • B.S., Yale College, Yale University



  • Julia Lightfoot Sellers Award, Huntingdon College, 2017
  • Winn and Gordon Chappell Academic Enrichment Award, Huntingdon College, 2011
  • Dr. and Mrs. John N. Todd III Award for Excellence in Administration, 2010
  • Exemplary Teacher Award, Huntingdon College, 2007
  • Julia Lightfoot Sellers Award, Huntingdon College, 2002
  • Dr. and Mrs. John N. Todd Award for Excellence in Teaching, Huntingdon College, 2001
  • Jane Coffin Childs Fellow, 1997–98
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, 1988–92


  • Siegel, R.M.; D.A. Martin; F. Hornung; E.C. Dudley; L. Zheng; and M.J. Lenardo. “Signaling through Fas (CD95, APO-1) and related death receptors.” Signal Transduction and Cell Cycle Control, Humana Press, J.S. Gutkind, ed. 2001.
  • Dudley, E.C.; F. Hornung; L. Zheng; D. Scherer; D. Ballard; and M. Lenardo. “NF-kB regulates Fas/APO-1/CD95- and T-cell receptor-mediated apoptosis of T lymphocytes.” European Journal of Immunology 29:878-886. 1999.
  • Hoffman, E.S.; L. Passoni; E.C. Dudley; M. Girardi; and A.C. Hayday. “The ab/gd lineage decision: an evaluation of the ‘T-cell receptor determinant,’ ‘Progenitor pre-commitment,’ and ‘co-determinant models.’” Lymphocyte Development, Humana Press, J. Monroe and E. Rothenberg, eds. 1998.
  • Burtrum, D.B.; S. Kim; E.C. Dudley; A.C. Hayday; and H.T. Petrie. “TCR gene recombination and a/b-g/d lineage divergence: productive TCR-b rearrangement is neither exclusive nor preclusive of g/d cell development.” Journal of Immunology 157:4293-4296. 1996.
  • Dudley, E.C.; M. Girardi; M.J. Owen; and A.C. Hayday. “Ab and gd T-cells can share a late common precursor,” Current Biology 5:659-669. 1995.
  • Dudley, E.C.; H.T. Petrie; L.M. Shah; M.J. Owen; and A.C. Hayday. “T-cell receptor b-chain rearrangement and selection during thymocyte development in adult mice.” Immunity 1:83-93. 1994.
  • Hayday, A.C.; S.J. Roberts; and E.C. Dudley. “The protection of epithelial integrity by intraepithelial lymphocyte populations: gd T-cell receptors constitutively and inducibly associated with epithelia.” Advances in Host Defense Mechanisms, Volume 9: Mucosal Immunology: Intraepithelial Lymphocytes. H. Kiyono and J.R. McGhee, eds. New York: Raven Press, 1994.
  • Sano, Y.; E.C. Dudley; S. Carding; R-H. Lin; A.C. Hayday; and C.A. Janeway Jr. “Gd T-cell lines isolated from intestinal epithelium respond to a B-cell lymphoma.” Immunology 80:388-394. 1993.
  • Liu, C-P.; R. Ueda; J. She; B. Wang; G. Weddell; J. Loring; C. Kurahara; E.C. Dudley; A.C. Hayday; C. Terhorst; and M. Huang. “Abnormal T-cell development in CD3z-/- mutant mice and identification of a novel T-cell population in the intestine.” EMBO Journal 12:4347-4355. 1993.
  • Mallick, C.A.; E.C. Dudley; J.L. Viney; M.J. Owen; and A.C. Hayday. “Rearrangement and diversity of T-cell receptor b-chain genes in thymocytes: a critical role for the b-chain in development.” Cell 73:513-519. 1993.
  • Mann, R.; E.C. Dudley; Y. Sano; R. O’Brien; W. Born; C.A. Janeway; and A.C. Hayday., “Modulation of murine self antigens by mycobacterial antigens.” Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology, Function and Specificity of gd T-cells, pp. 151-158. 1991.
  • Dudley, E.C. “Drilling predation on some Miocene mollusks.” The Nautilus 94: 63-66. 1980.
  • Ackroyd, S.; K. Behrendt; J. Bito; L. Brown; M. Denkla; E.C. Dudley; S. Josephson; A. Kibel; S. Laster; J. Maddox; C. Montroll; M. Przyblski; J. Segal; S. Speck; A. Stracher; and D. Wheeler. “Comparative rates of predation on Northern and Southern periwinkles.” Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 70:35-36. 1980.


“College only starts in the classroom. At Huntingdon, I have been lucky enough to be able to work with the whole package in education. I get to teach, I get to advise, and I get to mentor.”


Academic Affairs, Academics, Biology, Cell Biology Program Coordinator

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