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Dr. Tom Perrin faculty

Dr. Tom Perrin

Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty


Phone Number: (334) 833-4236
Office and/or Address: Flowers Hall 107


  • Ph.D., English Literature, The University of Chicago
  • M.A., English Literature, The University of Chicago
  • M.A., English Literature, Cambridge University, Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • B.A., English Literature, Cambridge University, Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • PG.Dip.  Theatre Directing, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London, United Kingdom


Dr. Perrin joined the Huntingdon Department of Language and Literature faculty in 2011 after serving as a B.A. preceptor, lecturer, course assistant, and writing instructor at the University of Chicago. His book, The Aesthetics of Middlebrow Fiction: Popular US Novels, Modernism, and Form, 1945–75 (New York: Palgrave Macmillan), was published in 2015.


2015          The Aesthetics of Middlebrow Fiction: Popular US Novels, Modernism, and Form, 1945–75 (New York: Palgrave Macmillan)

Edited Collections
2016          “The Middlebrow,” with Cecilia Konchar Farr, essay cluster, Post45 Peer-Reviewed (July), http://post45.research.yale.edu/2016/07/the-middlebrow-a-special-cluster/
2012          “On Patricia Highsmith,” with Mary Esteve, essay cluster, Post45 Peer-Reviewed (Dec.), http://post45.research.yale.edu/archives/2773

Refereed Journal Articles
2016          “Inventing the Middlebrow,” with Cecilia Konchar Farr, introduction to “The Middlebrow” essay cluster, Post45 Peer Reviewed (July), http://post45.research.yale.edu/2016/07/introduction-inventing-the-middlebrow/
2012          “The Old Men and the ‘Sea of Masscult’: T. S. Eliot, Ernest Hemingway, and Middlebrow Aesthetics,” American Literature 84.1 (March): 151–173
2012          “On Patricia Highsmith,” introduction to cluster of articles on Patricia Highsmith, Post45 Peer-Reviewed (Dec.), http://post45.research.yale.edu/archives/2773
2011          “Rebuilding Bildung: The Middlebrow Novel of Aesthetic Education in the Mid-Twentieth Century US,” Novel: A Forum on Fiction 44.3 (Fall): 382–401
2008          “Beauty and the Priest: The Use and Misuse of Aesthetics in The Damnation of Theron Ware,” Arizona Quarterly 64.3 (Fall 2008): 31–50

Book Chapters
2018          “The Great American Novel,” in American Literature in Transition, 1970–1980, ed. Kirk Curnutt (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), pp.197–209
2017          “Edited for the Old Lady in Dubuque: The Middlebrow Literature of the Midwest,” in The Midwestern Moment: The Forgotten World of Early Twentieth-Century Midwestern Regionalism, vol. 1 of Rediscovering the American Midwest, 3 vols., ed. Jon Lauck (Hastings, NE: Hastings College Press), pp.265–77
2015          “On Blustering: Dwight Macdonald, Modernism, and The New Yorker,” in Writing for The New Yorker: Critical Essays on an American Periodical, ed. Fiona Green (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press), pp.228–48

Encyclopedia Entries
2014          “Allen Drury,” American National Biography (New York: Oxford University Press), http://www.anb.org/articles/16/16-03588.html

Book Reviews
2017          “Coming of Age with Philip Pullman,” review of Philip Pullman, La Belle SauvagePublic Books (Dec. 4): http://www.publicbooks.org/coming-of-age-with-philip-pullman/
2015          “Harper Lee’s Bad Form,” review of Harper Lee, Go Set a WatchmanPublic Books (Sep. 15): http://www.publicbooks.org/fiction/harper-lees-bad-form

Other Publications
2018          [as Tom Spencer], “The Body in the Abyss” [short story], THAT 3, March: 96–98
2017          ——, gnomechomsky [short story], (Norwich: Galley Beggar).
2016          ——, “Signs” [short story], THAT 1, March: 96–97.
2013          ——, “Terror of the Zygons” [poem], The Awl, February, https://theawl.com/a-poem-by-tom-spencer-7c7ebf865c21
2012          ——, “Dear Pussy Riot” [poem], Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot, ed. Mark Burnhope, Sarah Crewe, and Sophie Mayer (London: English PEN), p.154


Academic Affairs, Academics, Language and Literature

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