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Directory Search

Carolyn Corliss

Corliss, Carolyn

Phone: (334)833-4060 Email: ccorliss@hawks.huntingdon.edu Office: Cloverdale 102

Jane Goodson

Goodson, Jane

Phone: (334)833-4544 Email: jane.goodson@hawks.huntingdon.edu Office: Wilson Hall, Room 203

Attendance Policy

Huntingdon College Class Attendance Policy Spring 2023 Term The attendance policy as stated in the Huntingdon College Catalog reads that, “Students are expected to attend all classes for which they

Huntingdon Named a Best Southeastern College

Huntingdon Named a Best Southeastern College

HUNTINGDON COLLEGE News Release August 21, 2020 For more information, contact: Su Ofe, (334) 833-4515; news@hawks.huntingdon.edu Huntingdon Named a Best Southeastern College Montgomery, Ala.—Huntingdon College has been named a 2021 Best

Patrick Schmucker

Schmucker, Patrick

Phone: (334)833-4296 Email: pschmucker@hawks.huntingdon.edu Office: Flowers Hall, Room 309

McKinley, Deanna

McKinley, Deanna

Phone: (334)833-4058 Email: dmckinley@hawks.huntingdon.edu Office: Cloverdale 102C

Quintez Pearson

Pearson, Quintez

Phone: (334)315-1582 Email: quintez.pearson@hawks.huntingdon.edu Office: Flowers Hall, Room 118B

Marcus Witcher

Witcher, Marcus

Phone: (334)833-4349 Email: mwitcher@hawks.huntingdon.edu Office: Flowers Hall, Room 307

Erin Chandler

Chandler, Erin

Phone: (334)833-4295 Email: etchandler@hawks.huntingdon.edu Office: Flowers Hall, Room 308

Slocumb, Brandon

Slocumb, Brandon

Phone: (334) 833-4477 Email: bslocumb@hawks.huntingdon.edu Office: Smith 216

The Talon, August 11, 2020
The Talon

The Talon, August 11, 2020

THE TALON A grip on news in the Huntingdon College Community August 11, 2020 What’s New Welcome to what promises to be the most unusual semester in anyone’s memory. Truly, no

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