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The information below is required by the U.S. Higher Education Act for all institutions participating in federally-funded financial aid programs. This page provides a central location of resources for current

Federal Work Study

The Federal Work-Study Program is a federally-funded program that provides part-time employment opportunities in various offices on campus and in the community to undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need based


A loan is financial assistance that enables students and/or parents to borrow money from the federal government or a private lender. These loans must be repaid.  Borrowers are responsible for


Grants are a type of financial aid that does not have to be repaid, and are typically based on demonstrated need. The following information pertains to undergraduate enrollment only. Federal

Courtney Harville

Harville, Courtney

Phone Number: Office (334) 833-4567 Email: Office and/or Address: Roland Student Center Room 108D

Ed Wright

Wright, Edward

Phone Number: Office: (334) 833-4300; Cell: (334) 300-5395 Email:

Criminal Justice

Programs of Study Major: Criminal Justice Minor: Criminal Justice Related Professional Track: Law Department Chair Program Coordinator The Field Career opportunities in law enforcement, the courts, and corrections—all part of

Darius Dixon

Dixon, Darius

Phone: Office: (334) 833-4471; Cell: (334) 324-6565 Email: Office: Wilson Room 112

A NetVUE Regional Gathering

A NetVUE Regional Gathering Where the Campus Meets the World: Vocation and Post-College Transition February 21-22, 2020 | Huntingdon College | Montgomery, AL Register Now Purpose This gathering will explore

Jill Tucker

Tucker, Jill

Phone Number: (334) 833-4418 Email: Office and/or Address: Houghton Memorial Library, UMC Archives Room

Admission & Aid

A close-knit community where you will know and be known. A vibrant community where the life of the mind, heart, and spirit can flourish. Our traditional undergraduate program offers a


Traffic/Crosswalks Huntingdon College, like most colleges and universities, sees a lot of pedestrian traffic. Whether walking to classes, the dining hall, or athletic events, pedestrians and drivers alike must be

Toxic/Strong Odor Emergencies

Toxic/Strong Odor Emergencies Most toxic/strong odors emergencies result from everyday household chemicals. Toxic and strong odors can also result from a utility disruption, or a mechanical/electrical problem. While the risk

Chemical Emergencies

Chemical Emergencies A chemical emergency occurs when a hazardous chemical has been released and the release has the potential for harming people’s health. Chemical releases can be unintentional, as in

Power Outages

Power Outages Extended power outages or other utility disruptions i.e., water, communications etc., may impact the whole community and the economy.  This could be of a short duration or for

The Solomon Amendment

The Solomon Amendment The Solomon Amendment, a federal law, mandates that institutions receiving certain federal agency funding must fulfill military recruitment requests for access to campus and for lists containing


Fires In just two minutes, a fire can become life-threatening. In five minutes, a building can be engulfed in flames. During a Fire or Fire Alarm If you detect a

Non-Academic Disciplinary Procedures

Hearing Procedures The grievance proceedings are not adversarial, nor are they intended to duplicate the formal proceedings of a legal court of law. Students are subject to the directives of

Drug and Alcohol Policies

Each year college students spend $5.5 billion on alcohol – three times the amount spent on books. Students under age 21 violate the law when they drink. Besides breaking the

Student Grievance Policy

Scope and Purpose The purpose of this procedure is to provide currently enrolled Huntingdon College students with an opportunity to resolve complaints alleging inappropriate application to a student of any

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