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Three founders of the Student Alumni Association, L-R, Katie Scott ’13, Taylor King ’13, and Sherry Leigh Lacey ’13

Leading givers to Huntingdon College band together in giving clubs that boost the Huntingdon Fund and planned giving initiatives. Join one of these giving clubs today!

For more information about any of these giving societies, contact the Office of College and Alumni Relations at or (334) 833-4528.

The Huntingdon Society

With a gift of $1,000 or more during the fiscal year, Huntingdon friends and alumni may become members of the College’s prestigious giving club, The Huntingdon Society. Membership privileges include invitations and preferred seating for College events, as well as the satisfaction of being in the lead giving group committed to moving the College forward into the future. To learn more, contact the Office of College and Alumni Relations at (334) 833-4566.

The Order of the Countess of Huntingdon

Huntingdon’s most elite group of givers, those in the Order of the Countess of Huntingdon, have provided lifetime gifts of $75,000 or more to Huntingdon College.  This group includes staff, former faculty, alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations.  Huntingdon extends sincere thanks to the members of the Order of the Countess of Huntingdon for their generosity and support in achieving our goals as a liberal arts college of the United Methodist Church.

The John Massey Heritage Society

The John Massey Heritage Society was organized in 1993 to recognize individuals who have been instrumental in providing for the long-term financial security of Huntingdon College. The Society was named in honor of Dr. John Massey, Huntingdon’s president from 1896 to 1909 who was instrumental in the College’s move from its beginnings in Tuskegee to the capital city of Montgomery. Membership in the Heritage Society is awarded to those who have notified the College that they have included Huntingdon as a direct beneficiary in an estate plan. Members’ names are included on a donor plaque in Flowers Hall. If you have planned an estate or life income gift to benefit Huntingdon College, we would be honored to add you to the rolls of the John Massey Heritage Society. For additional information on joining this society, please contact the Office of College and Alumni Relations at (334) 833-4563.

The Faculty and Staff Campaign

Each year, the Huntingdon Fund receives a boost from those who dedicate their working lives to the College—faculty and staff. Through the Faculty & Staff Campaign, members of the Huntingdon family give back to the College in a way that shows their belief in the mission and motto as the College moves toward its goals. Through this campaign, faculty and staff demonstrate that “the success of every student is the focus of everything we do.”

Alumni Class Giving

Alumni giving is the most important measure of alumni support for the College. Many corporations, foundations, and other potential donors consider alumni giving when determining which institutions to support. Therefore, alumni gifts are catalysts for recognition and for other gifts.

Huntingdon has achieved alumni giving rates of 30% or higher consistently in recent years. In order to open new doors of revenue for the College, please help us increase our percentage of alumni giving. Express your commitment to the College’s future through your gift to the Huntingdon Fund and to your class’ giving efforts. Individual contributors are acknowledged by class year in the Donor Report section of Huntingdon College Magazine, published each December.

The Scarlet and Grey Circle

The Scarlet and Grey Circle was created for loyal students and alumni who want to preserve the Huntingdon experience for future generations of students. By joining the Circle, students and alumni pledge to do three things:

  • Be a life-long ambassador for the College
  • Encourage future students to attend Huntingdon
  • Make an annual gift to the College

There is no dollar requirement for your annual gift; rather, the Scarlet and Grey Circle celebrates the act of giving back to the College each and every year.

Having a large number of Huntingdon alumni who are willing to pledge a lifetime commitment to the College speaks volumes to foundations and other major donors who evaluate colleges and universities based on their alumni giving percentages. Your loyalty to Huntingdon matters to the College. We truly hope membership in the Scarlet and Grey Circle provides a vehicle by which to demonstrate your unending commitment to Huntingdon.

The Student Alumni Association

During the 2012–2013 academic year, three loyal Huntingdon students who were varsity cheerleaders became cheerleaders for a wider cause: rallying their fellow students to give to the College and to pledge their loyalty by joining the Student Alumni Association. More than 145 students joined during the SAA’s inaugural year. We invite current students to demonstrate their love for Huntingdon by joining the Student Alumni Association today! See the Office of College and Alumni Relations for more information.

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