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Communication Studies

Communication Studies class

Communication Studies class


  • Communication Studies


  • Communication Studies
  • Professional Communication

Major requirements and course descriptions are outlined in the Huntingdon College Catalog.

The Communication Studies programs of study are part of the Department of Communication Studies and Psychology in the School of Arts and Humanities.

Why Huntingdon?

Huntingdon’s Communication Studies program focuses on students’ understanding of the elements involved with both how and why humans communicate the way they do in various contexts.  The major covers both rhetorical and social scientific studies to provide students with many ways of analyzing and understanding communication.  Communication Studies major course work covers subjects such as the effects of communication by media on society; interpersonal communication; communication and persuasion theories; rhetorical theory and criticism; public relations; and public communication.  A strong liberal arts core curriculum places special emphasis on the development and mastery of critical thinking and analysis skills.

The knowledge and skills gained through the Huntingdon Communication Studies major provide a framework for graduate study or for careers in sales and marketing, public relations, promotion, event planning, media, business, and a number of other fields.  Special features include:

  • Broad studies in communication prepare for careers in a wide range of areas
  • Strong liberal arts core curriculum includes critical thinking and analysis skills
  • Flexibility to accommodate a second major
  • Deepened studies through Huntingdon’s Hobbs Honors Program
  • Senior Capstone course and project
  • Opportunities to gain resume-worthy experience through internships
  • Excellent placement rates into graduate programs or employment

Communication at Work

Comm Studies classSpeaking, writing, communicating with others and teamwork are all success skills fostered in the Communication Studies major. The knowledge you gain in the classroom will be reinforced by hands-on learning experiences. Huntingdon offers real world learning through:

  • Internships in a variety of settings—from sports information to organizational communication, journalism to broadcasting, corporate to religious settings
  • Senior Capstone project—a culminating experience in the major
  • Lambda Pi Eta honorary
  • Travel and study during the junior or senior year
  • Opportunities to present at state, regional, and national meetings


The James W. Wilson Center and Flowers Hall on the College’s main campus house the Communication Studies program, with facilities for small group meetings, guest speakers, interactive media, and professional presentations.

Dr. Lynn Disbrow

Dr. Lynn Disbrow



Huntingdon Communication Studies graduates are working in corporate and non-profit public relations, advertising, and communications and in media relations, broadcasting, sports information, organizational communication, politics, and journalism.  Placement rates far exceed national averages.