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The Hobbs Honors Program

The Commencement March

Named in Honor of Joyce and Truman Hobbs

“From everyone to whom much has been given, much shall be required”  — Luke 12.48

If you delight in the exploration of knowledge; if you enjoy finding the connections among academic disciplines; if you respond to challenge and revel in serious reflection about ideas, we encourage you to explore the opportunities offered through Huntingdon’s Joyce and Truman Hobbs Honors Program.

Named for two of Montgomery’s most distinguished citizens, the late Judge Truman Hobbs and Mrs. Joyce Hobbs, Huntingdon’s unique honors curriculum asks students not only to seek high personal academic achievement, but also to ask how such achievement might serve the world in which they live.


The Joyce and Truman Hobbs Honors Program at Huntingdon College encourages students to embrace the social nature of knowledge through enriched classroom experiences and challenging civic service. Asked to commit to the high ideals of “faith, wisdom, and service,” Honors students will better understand their responsibility to humankind in Montgomery and around the world.


Students intending to complete the Honors curriculum at Huntingdon College should complete the Declaration for Honors Form, which will ensure that you are included in all its privileges and responsibilities. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the directors of the Honors Program, Dr. Stephen Sours (stephen.sours@hawks.huntingdon.edu) or Dr. Sarah Sours (sarah.sours@hawks.huntingdon.edu).

Honors Standards

  1. Completion of 18 semester credit hours of Honors-designated core courses, of which one course must be outside the School of Arts and Humanities (out of 31 possible hours: REL 105H, REL 106H, ENGL 105H, ENGL 106H, MATH 255, CHEM 105, BIOL 101H, PSC 209H, HIST 111H, HIST 112H).
  2. Completion of a minor outside of one’s discipline or 12 semester credit hours of 300- or 400-level courses outside of one’s academic program.
  3. Required attendance at three of four annual Honors Colloquia.
  4. Forty hours of service across the student’s time at Huntingdon to be undertaken at MANE, Staton Center, et al.
  5. A 3.0 GPA in Honors courses, including Honors-designated core courses, and either the minor or the 12 upper-level hours.
  6. A 3.5 cumulative GPA upon graduation.

In order to keep Honors students apprised of their progress toward completion of the Honors Program, Honors status will be evaluated at the end of each academic year and communicated to Honors students via email by May 31.

Benefits of the Honors Program

Advantages to students participating in the Hobbs Honors Program include classes designed specifically for Honors students, recognition at graduation and on the student’s transcript, and enriching experiences outside the classroom (Honors Colloquia, etc.). Perhaps most importantly, students participating in the Hobbs Honors Program will be a part of a learning community comprised of ambitious and eager peers who will push them to new heights in their academic endeavors.


Interested students should contact the Honors Program directors, Dr. Sarah Conrad Sours and Dr. Stephen Sours.