The Kingswood Initiative

Kingswood Initiative programs combine engaging hands-on work and resume-worthy experience as you build a body of knowledge and skills in line with your professional goals. Kingswood students work with a particular program or administrator to fulfill their Initiative assignment.

Open to incoming freshmen only, the Kingswood Initiative provides a limited number of $16,000 awards (for students beginning Fall 2023), renewable for up to four years. The following criteria apply:

  • Incoming freshmen only.
  • Unconditional acceptance required.
  • Participation in a Kingswood Initiative program required.
  • Because of the time commitment involved, these awards are not open to students who are involved in NCAA-III athletic teams, the Presidential Scholars Program, Esports, band, dance, or cheer teams.
  • A special application may be required.

The Kingswood Initiative Campus Activities and Leadership Program (CALP)

The Kingswood Initiative Church Leadership Program (CLP)

The Kingswood Initiative Undergraduate Athletics Coaching Program (ACP)

The Kingswood Initiative Undergraduate Sports Media and Marketing Program (SMMP) 

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