Residence Life Policies

Please contact if you have questions about campus residency or commuter policies or procedures after reading the information below.

The Huntingdon Village

The Huntingdon College Office of Student Development and Office of Residential Communities strive to provide students with opportunities for growth along with a welcoming and fun atmosphere. On-campus living enables students to maximize the Huntingdon experience without missing any of the action.

Huntingdon’s traditional residence halls (Blount, Ligon, Searcy and Trimble) offer rooms with varying configurations. In recent years, the College has acquired a number of houses and apartment units in the surrounding neighborhood to provide upperclassmen with unique residential experiences. Imagine sharing a home with friends, sitting on the back porch having a jam session, cooking dinner with your roommates … the Huntingdon Village is a distinctive residential experience.

Huntingdon College has a four-year residency requirement—students live in campus housing unless the student lives in his or her primary residence with a parent or guardian within 45 miles driving distance of the College or is approved for Commuter Status on the basis of applicable policies and guidelines as listed in the Commuter Application linked below. Each student’s primary residence will be established by the student’s Application for Admission to the College. Transfer students will receive one year of residential credit for each year of full-time attendance at a post-secondary institution.

For more Residence Life policies, see the Campus Residency License Contract at the link below.

Applying for Campus Residency

To complete the campus residency application process, the Campus Residency License Contract (pertaining to the applicable academic year) must be completed and submitted:

  • Campus Residency License Contract Note: this form is used by new students only; returning students should see the Office of Residential Communities for the pertinent form.

Commuter Policy and Applications

In order to be approved for Commuter Status, students must meet the guidelines as outlined in the Commuter Application linked below.

The deadline for completing the Commuter Student Application submission and approval process is May 1 (or within 10 days of deposit for new students who deposit after May 1) for fall semester. For spring semester the deadline is December 1 for returning students and January 1 for new students enrolling spring. NOTE: Students who are approved for Commuter Status but whose applications are received after the designated deadline will incur a $500 late fee in addition to the Commuter Fee.

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