The Staton Center for Learning Enrichment

The Staton Center for Learning Enrichment, located on the second floor of the library, provides academic guidance and services to Huntingdon College students. Its goal is to give each student the opportunity to achieve success in academic coursework while experiencing the satisfaction of learning. This goal is met through a variety of student-centered and accessible assistance programs.

Academic Mentoring

The Staton Center staff works with students to discuss their learning needs and to match them with appropriate resources. Any Huntingdon College student can benefit from academic coaching, whether to polish skills, to build confidence, or to improve understanding. Academic mentoring is available throughout the academic term. Peer mentoring is also offered by members of our Presidential Fellows Team, which provides enrichment programming and other forms of assistance.

Centralized Scheduling

The purpose of Centralized Scheduling has three components:

  • to assist with aligning student’s class schedules with academic plans of study in their major and/or minor
  • to increase awareness of academic policies and procedures
  • to identify and mitigate obstacles to an expected graduation term

Students who have not yet declared a major can use Centralized Scheduling to select a major that reflects their vocational and professional interests. In addition to meeting with Centralized Schedulers, students also meet with the Academic Advisor for their major to discuss class schedules, as well as pre-professional or pre-graduate study requirements like internships, externships, or other professional activities.

Writing Assistance Workshop

The Writing Assistance Workshop (WAW) provides any Huntingdon College student with support on any writing-centered coursework in any course at the college. Students interested in receiving this assistance can either make an appointment via email at or walk in. The WAW offers help with the following:

  • Developing ideas for new essays and papers
  • Conducting research to obtain viable sources
  • Organizing drafts of essays and papers
  • Revising for grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure
  • Documenting and citing sources (MLA, APA, Chicago, AP)

CONTACT: For more information, come to the Staton Center, email us at, or call (334) 833-4465.

Our Staff

Thomas and Emma Staton

The Staton Center was named in memory of the late Professor Emeritus of Psychology Thomas F. Staton and in honor of his wife Emma. Dr. Staton joined Huntingdon’s faculty in 1960 and served for twenty years as head of the psychology department. His books on various applications of psychology were published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbo-Croatian, Afrikaans, Indonesian, and Chinese.

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