Students during CloverJam 2016

Your ability to flourish as a college student depends on your physical and mental health. The Office of Student Health Services and the Office of Counseling Services are poised to meet your needs—from a case of the sniffles to referrals for urgent or emergency situations.

Important Information about Student Insurance:

Students enrolled in 12 credit hours or more in any one semester are required to submit health insurance documentation. Students are required to comply with any and all federal and/or state laws regarding the maintenance of health insurance. Students are strongly urged to have medical, accident, hospitalization and health insurance from a reputable provider. Huntingdon College is not responsible for students’ health-related expenses. Information regarding health insurance is available in the Office of Student Health and Wellness.

Note:  Students who take special medication or who are allergic to medication are strongly urged to wear medical identification warning bracelets.


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