Duties of the Emergency Coordinator, Command Post Team/Crisis Management Team

The Emergency Coordinator of the Huntingdon College Emergency Plan is the Huntingdon College Director of Campus Safety. In the event of an emergency situation, the President, or his designee, will make the determination to activate the Emergency Command Post Team. Upon activation, the Emergency Command Post Team will report immediately the the Command Post, Rm. 112 Wilson, or the front porch of the Hut if the Wilson Center is unavailable. If the primary members are unable to respond, the designated representative will report. The individual who calls the Command Post Team together is responsible for notifying the Command Post Team members and other individuals as deemed appropriate. 

The Director of Campus Safety will maintain communication with the Emergency Management Agency to determine the potential impact that a severe winter storm will have on college operations. When it has been determined that a winter storm will have on college operations. When it has been determined that a winter storm may impact college operations, the Director of Campus Safety will notfiy the Senior Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness. The President or the President’s designee, in consultation with the emergency Command Post Team, will make the determination whether or not to close the College. If the decision is made to close the College, the Dean of Students and the Senior Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness will notify all faculty, staff, students, local media and other constituencies. Emergency Command Post Team members are responsible for determining that all staff reporting directly to them have received the communication of closing. 

Command Post Team

TitleNameCell Number
PresidentPresident J. Cameron West(334)328-0763
Treasurer & Sr. V.P. for Institutional Effectiveness, Planning & AdministrationMr. Jay Dorman(334)590-7979
Sr. V.P. for Academic Affairs/Dean of FacultyDr. Tom Perrin(334)312-1815
Sr. V.P. for Student & Institutional Development/Dean of StudentsMr. Anthony Leigh(334)590-4881
V.P. of HR & Risk ManagementDr. Chris Clark(334)462-9993
V.P. for Auxiliary ServicesMrs. Laura Duncan(334)324-6585
Chief of SecurityDarius Dixon(334)320-0876
Assistant Dean of Students for Residential Communities and Community StandardsDr. Kathleen Penney Childree (334)833-4566
Director of Student HealthMrs. Nyree Conville(256)404-5193
Director of Campus Safety*Mr. Mike Ward, Sr.(334)324-4965

*Crisis Management Team

Building Coordinators, Main Campus


Jackson Home

Flowers Hall

Maintenance  Shop

Julia Russell Dining Hall

Wilson Building

Houghton Library

Catherine Dixon Roland Student Center

Marching Band Room

Print and Mail Services

Sybil Smith Hall

Blount Hall

Searcy Hall

Ligon Hall

Trimble Hall

Building Coordinators, Cloverdale Campus

Main Building

Weil Center


Wilson Community Center/Field House

Scarlett & Grey Bookstore

Liaison Agencies

AgencyPhone Number
Montgomery Police Department(334) 625-2532 or 911
State Emergency Management(205) 280-2200
Montgomery City/County Emergency Mgt.(334) 625-2339
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department(334) 832-4980 or 911
Montgomery Fire Department(334) 625-2983 or 911
ALEA (Dept. of Public Safety)(334) 625-2810
National Weather Service(205) 664-3010
Montgomery Fire Dept. Station at 1329 Fairview Ave.(334) 625-4468
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