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The Presidential Fellows Program

The Presidential Fellows Program is an academic program which promotes experiential learning, encourages personal and professional development, provides individual and collective networking and community-building opportunities, and promotes scholarship through academic colloquy and individual study. Successful participation and completion of the Presidential Fellows Program will provide students with the unique opportunity for completion of undergraduate certification within their proposed academic focus area. Students who have an interest in building their resume, increasing their friend circle, and creating lifelong memories and connections should consider applying for the Presidential Fellows Program.

President Fellows Program Chief Components

  • Undergraduate-level professional experiences in each student’s interest area
  • Mentoring by senior-level administrators, faculty, and staff members
  • Atmosphere of support and stimulation
  • Intentional opportunities for networking, personal and professional development, and community-building
  • Assistance in applying for jobs and graduate/professional schools
  • Guidance in creating a portfolio/resume preparing students for experience following graduation
  • Undergraduate certification within the academic area

Each Presidential Fellow selects an academic team that aligns with their long-term academic pursuits, career plans, goals, and/or interest. Throughout their four years in the Fellows Program, participants progressively gain knowledge and experience based on their team participation each academic semester. Upon satisfactory completion of the Presidential Fellows Program, each Fellow will have quantifiable experience in their specific area of participation, as well as general leadership and personal development skills.

Academic Team Opportunities

  • Academic Mentoring Team – Fellows provide leadership, tutoring, and other academic guidance, support, and academic coaching for students and/or academic programs. Successful completion of the Academic Mentoring Fellows Program will result in Undergraduate Service Certification.
  • Politics, Culture, and Civic Engagement Team – Fellows participate in, design, and support cultural and political events on campus to broaden the community’s awareness of issues, public policies, and global perspectives. Successful completion of the Politics, Culture, and Civic Engagement Program will result in Undergraduate Politics, Culture, and Civic Engagement Certification.
  • Pre-Health Professions Team – Fellows will gain the skills, knowledge, experiences necessary for success in schools of health professions. The program will include an “Introduction to Health Professions” given to students in their first year. Students will learn about the variety of health care careers and the best way to prepare for them. Students will also gain necessary critical thinking skills and study strategies that will propel them in their academic courses. Afterwards, students will have at least three semesters of shadowing, volunteering or paid experiences. In this phase they will learn the in-and outs of the profession that they are seeking. In the third phase, students will have one year of standardized test preparation. This will be followed by guidance on the application and interview process. Alternative routes to medical school such as rural health will be considered. Successful completion of the Pre-Health Professions Fellows Program will result in Undergraduate Pre-Health Certification.
  • Media Production Team – Fellows will learn the skills necessary for filmmaking and broadcasting. Students will gain hands on experience in film production, camera work, lighting, sound, and editing. Successful completion of the Media Production Fellows Program will result in Undergraduate Media Production Certification.
  • Sports Media and Marketing Team –Fellows provide support to all Huntingdon College NCAA Athletic Teams by promoting, streaming, and creating content for HC Athletics’ social media accounts. Fellows work closely with Athletic Staff and their Academic Coach to assist with the content creation and management of the marketing and dissemination of information related to Huntingdon College Athletics. As a result, Fellows will gain knowledge in the field of Sports Media and Marketing through hands-on experience involving their participation and involvement with various Huntingdon College sports teams. Successful completion of the Sports Media and Marketing Fellows Program will result in an Undergraduate Sports Media and Marketing Certification.
  • Sports Medicine Team –  Fellows will work with the Huntingdon College athletic trainers and gain experience shadowing and volunteering with physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other healthcare professionals. This is an ideal program for students interested in careers in Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, etc. Successful completion of the Sports Medicine Fellows Program will result in Undergraduate Sports Medicine Certification.

 The Award

In addition to the other aspects of the Presidential Fellows Program, Presidential Fellows are eligible for an $18,500 scholarship that is renewable annually for a minimum of three years, as long as award criteria are met.

Eligibility and Application 2023-2024

  • 3.0 GPA & 23 ACT or 3.75 GPA with no test score
  • Open to incoming freshman
  • Open to transfer students with 36 credit hours or less of transfer credit
  • Additional Application and Interview Required
  • Campus Residency Required
  • Participation in the Presidential Fellows Program, including an Academic Team, required
  • Due to the time commitment for this program, Presidential Fellowships are reserved for those who are not participating in NCAA-III athletic teams, ESports, the Kingswood Initiative, band, dance, or cheer teams.
  • Complete and submit the Presidential Fellows Application along with or in addition to your Application for Admission.
  • Admission to the Presidential Fellows program will be granted on a rolling basis until all places are filled. Early application is encouraged.


Bria Rochelle-Stephens ’18
Vice President for Strategic Academic Initiatives
Director of the Huntingdon Presidential Fellows Program and the Hobbs Honors Program


Presidential Fellows Application

  • (###)###-####
  • (###)###-####
  • Max. file size: 300 MB.
  • If you are not certain, you may write "Undeclared." If you are considering several areas of study, you may include all of them.
  • Hidden
    Work with students through the Ability First (disability services) Office or through the Ability Sport Network (youth wheelchair sport teams).
  • Hidden
    Provide leadership, tutoring, and other academic guidance and support for students and/or academic programs.
  • Hidden
    Serve as a leader in the team by supporting individual and team rhetorical events and preparing debaters for competition.
  • Hidden
    Provide support for recording and reporting college activities and events, creating content for College social media accounts.
  • Hidden
    Provides support to all Huntingdon College NCAA Athletic Teams by promoting, recording, and reporting events, and creating content for HC Athletics social media accounts.
  • Hidden
    Provide support for instructional/classroom technology initiatives for faculty and students.
  • Hidden
    Commit to participation in undergraduate research in the sciences and/or serve as a faculty research assistant or lab assistant.
  • Hidden
    Work with Huntingdon Student Health Services and athletic trainers, gain experience shadowing and volunteering with physicians, radiologists, orthopedists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, surgeons, nurses, and other health care professionals.
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