Huntingdon College Class Attendance Policy Fall 2020 Term

The attendance policy as stated in the Huntingdon College Catalog reads that, “Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are officially enrolled.”  Historical data has proven that academic success at the College level is directly impacted by a student’s class attendance patterns. Academic success should be the highest priority of every student.

The simultaneous demands of academics and accommodating a global pandemic environment make academic success even harder to achieve, which in turn makes consistent class attendance even more important.  It is vital that students who have chosen to be on campus be physically present for in-person class instruction and that those who must be isolated away from the classroom be provided flexibility in receiving academic content.

Students must attend in-person 75% of each scheduled class, in order to remain on-campus for the Fall 2020 Term and in order to participate in any and/or all on-campus programming. In a traditional three-hour course that meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, students will not be able to miss more than nine (9) class sessions. In a traditional three-hour course that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a student will not be able to miss more than seven (7) class sessions.

In-person classes that are missed for any reason other than COVID-19 quarantine/isolation requirements, including institutionally sanctioned events, are included in the allowable percentage of classes that can be missed in the fall 2020. There is no distinction made between “excused” or “unexcused” absences for the purposes of this policy, other than COVID-19 quarantine/isolation related in-person absences.

Any student who does not meet the expectations of this policy will lose the privilege of remaining on campus and/or participating in any in-person campus activities and will be required to complete the fall 2020 term remotely.

In order to reduce the chance of errors in recording attendance, the College has installed an electronic attendance system that enhances the accuracy of attendance records, and will defer the start of this policy to August 24, 2020 in deference to allowing for time to become acclimated to new schedules and class structures.  However, it is the responsibility of all students to ensure that their individual attendance records are accurate.

Therefore, please keep the following recommendations in mind when considering your attendance record and its implications to this policy:

  • Students should always make sure to swipe in/ be recorded as it pertains to attendance in each class
  • Students should verify that their attendance swipe was successful within 24 hours, and contact faculty to correct any noted errors.
  • Students should use CANVAS to consistently review their attendance record in each class.
  • Students should maintain an awareness of all in-person absences and how these absences will impact their overall attendance record during the fall 2020 term.
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