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Huntingdon College is committed to providing equal access to all facilities, programs, and services of the College. The College’s goal is to foster an environment free of discrimination and bias in which all qualified students have access to educational opportunities.

For more information, contact the Ability First Resource Center:
Lisa Olenik Dorman, Director and 504/ADA Coordinator
Cloverdale, Room 125
Fax: 334.833.4330

Han-‘Naeh Belser, Learning Support Specialist/Disability Services
Cloverdale, Room 124

How to Request Academic Accommodations

The process to request academic accommodations includes, but may not be limited to, these five basic steps:

  1. The student submits a completed confidential Disability Services Intake Form along with current (not more than 3 years old) corresponding documentation to the director of disability services.
  2.  Once the Intake Form and the appropriate documentation are received, the College’s Disability Services Committee meets to review the requested accommodations.
  3. The student is notified of the Committee’s decisions. If the accommodations are approved, the student is given the opportunity to sign a release form. Once a release form is signed, the student will be provided a letter indicating that he or she is requesting the approved accommodations. The student will then provide this letter to the course instructors. Once the faculty member receives the letter, a discussion with the student about the best means by which the requested accommodations will be provided is warranted.
  4. The student keeps one copy of the letter and the faculty member keeps one copy of the letter to use when discussing or implementing the accommodations requested by the student.
  5. The faculty member submits the on-line proof of receipt to the Ability First Resource Center. If accommodation-specific guidance is needed, faculty members or students should contact the director of disability services, Dr. Lisa Olenik Dorman at 833-4465 or ldorman@hawks.huntingdon.edu

This process repeats during subsequent semesters.

Proctored Testing and Examinations

A student who has approved academic accommodations that require alternative testing procedures, special assistance, or a non-traditional work space, may decide with his or her faculty member to have an exam, quiz, or other assignments proctored in the Ability First Resource Center (AFRC).  An Academic Accommodations Use Form for Examination and Testing Services will be completed by the instructor and an appointment must be made by the student with examinations coordinator to have the exam proctored at least one week prior to the testing date.

In-Take Process

The director of disability services is the intake coordinator for students with disabilities who request services and/or accommodations to minimize the effects of their disabilities in the academic environment. Students must identify themselves voluntarily and provide current, official documentation of disability in order to become eligible for reasonable accommodations. If documentation is inadequate, the student may be asked to provide additional information/evaluation.

For more information, contact Dr. Lisa Olenik Dorman at 334-833-4465.

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