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Teacher Education

Education classroom

Education classroom

Elementary Educator Preparation:

  • Elementary/Collaborative Special Education (K–6)

Secondary Educator Preparation (6–12):

P–12 Educator Preparation:

Major requirements and course descriptions are outlined in the Huntingdon College Catalog.
Teacher education programs are part of the Department of Teacher Education, School of Teacher Education and Sport Science.

hweIMG_5744An Education that Works

Huntingdon recognizes that there is no profession that has the opportunity to shape tomorrow’s world more profoundly than teaching. Huntingdon’s programs are designed to prepare highly qualified teachers, as well as highly employable teachers through extensive preparation.  Huntingdon Teacher Education offers:

  • Partnerships with outstanding schools provide exemplary classroom experiences
  • Prior to completing a Teacher Candidate clinical experience, Teacher Candidates complete 205 field experience hours
  • Technology-equipped classrooms
  • Kappa Delta Epsilon honorary
  • Professors advise students
  • Professional experience through Teacher Candidate clinical experiences and involvement in Alabama’s only collegiate chapter of the Alabama Association for School Curriculum and Development (AASCD)
  • Professors supervise internships
  • Friendly rapport and high expectations for producing tomorrow’s best teachers
Adapted PE

Adapted Physical Education class

Elementary, Secondary, and P–12 Teachers

In order to teach in public schools in Alabama, you must earn a bachelor’s degree, complete an approved educator preparation program, and be certified.  At Huntingdon, students majoring in Elementary Education also complete requirements to apply for certification for Collaborative Special Education (K–6), thus preparing them to teach in kindergarten-through-sixth-grade classrooms and to teach K–6 students with special needs.  Secondary educators are prepared to teach at the middle school or high school level (Grades 6–12) in specific subject areas.  P–12 educators are prepared to teach a subject (such as music or physical education) throughout the spectrum of age groups, from pre-school through Grade 12.

Elementary Educator Preparation

Teacher Ed class

Teacher Education class

Students who want to prepare for careers as elementary school teachers major in Elementary/Collaborative Special Education. This field-based program provides emerging elementary educators with the knowledge and skills to have a deep and lasting impact on the lives of young children—both in the regular classroom and for those students with special needs.  Completion of the Elementary/Collaborative Special Education major prepares Teacher Candidates in two endorsement areas:  Elementary Education and Collaborative Special Education (K–6).  Once the program of study is completed and certification by the State Department of Education is achieved, candidates are eligible to teach both regular K–6 students and those who have diagnosed disabilities by serving as the teacher of record in the regular classroom, or by teaching students with disabilities in a specialized resource classroom. The result: highly employable and highly qualified K–6 educators.

Secondary Educator Preparation

Secondary school educators specialize in their content areas and then energize middle and high school students’ minds to absorb and grow a passion for that content discipline.  To teach at the secondary level (Grades 6–12), you will major in the area you plan to teach, and complete the Educator Preparation set of courses along with your Teacher Candidate clinical experiences and your major course work. Huntingdon offers secondary educator preparation programs in Biology, Chemistry, English Language Arts, General Science, General Social Studies,  History,  and Mathematics.

P–12 Educator Preparation

Physical Education or Music Education majors will work with and impact students from the pre-school through Grade 12 levels. At Huntingdon you may prepare for teaching P–12 Music, Instrumental, P–12 Music, Vocal/Choral, or Physical Education. Eligibility for P–12 Music teacher certification from the State of Alabama requires the completion of the Music major with Educator Preparation concentration. P–12 Physical Education teacher certification eligibility requires the completion of the Physical Education major.

Dr. Elizabeth Casey

Dr. Elizabeth Casey


Huntingdon’s Teacher Education program is housed in historic John Jefferson Flowers Hall on the main campus. Teacher Candidate clinical experiences are available in Montgomery, Elmore, and Autauga Counties.



Hundreds of Huntingdon alumni are successful teachers and educational administrators in elementary schools, middle schools, junior and senior high schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. Because Huntingdon is known for producing well-prepared teachers, our graduates are sought by school systems and have enjoyed excellent placement rates into graduate and professional schools or into employment.