Exploring American Democracy

An overnight camp for rising high school juniors and seniors

June 24–25, 2022

Come to Huntingdon College and relive the building of the American Constitution in this exciting and engaging two-day and overnight camp experience. Participants will take on the role of one of the country’s founding fathers and debate the issues of the day, including:

  • The nature of representation
  • The structure of government
  • Guaranteed rights for citizens

Students will learn and practice the important skills of public speaking, negotiation, and compromise and will come away from the event with a better understanding of the challenges and rewards of the political process. As students learn about the founding generation and the dilemmas they faced, they will also build valuable knowledge and experience for their college entrance resumes and applications.

The experience will include:

  • Role-playing and building a constitution
  • Embarking on a founding-fathers-themed scavenger hunt
  • An interactive session of Historians at the Movies
  • Knowledge-building in a fun and action-based atmosphere

The camp is open to rising high school juniors and seniors. The registration fee of $50 covers the cost of learning materials, meals, and overnight accommodations.

Register now!

Following receipt of your registration, you will be contacted regarding payment of the fee.

For more information, contact Laura Marie Brelsford at laura.brelsford@hawks.huntingdon.edu or (334) 833-4563.

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