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Keeping You Informed

Flowers HallAt the heart of any family is good communication. In order to keep the Huntingdon family informed of news and events, Huntingdon uses these communication vehicles:

  • The website
  • News releases
  • The Talon, monthly e-newsletter
  • Huntingdon College Magazine, published annually
  • Email—each student receives a College email account
  • Emergency Communication—students are asked to keep their cell phone numbers on file with the Huntingdon Office of Technology Services so that emergency communications can be sent to phones by text, in addition to emails, in the event of an emergency.

If you would like to receive e-mail notifications regarding college events, parent information, and other news, please send an e-mail to news@hawks.huntingdon.edu and request to be included on one or more of the following mailing lists: Parents, Cultural Events, College Neighbors, or The Talon.

More details can be found in our listings of College Publications.

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