Student Rights

As a student you have the right to know:

  • Types of financial aid available to Huntingdon College students – Traditional Day Students and Graduate Students
  • How your financial aid will be distributed
  • Deadlines for submitting applications for aid
  • What portion of your aid package is “gift aid” and what must be repaid
  • About the effect outside scholarships may have on your financial aid award
  • Enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by Huntingdon College is eligible to be considered for federal financial assistance under the Title IV, HEA programs.  Please contact the Huntingdon College Office of Financial Aid for further assistance.
  • The estimated cost of tuition and fees; room and board; travel; books and supplies; and personal expenses included in the estimated cost of attendance – Traditional Day Students and Graduate Students
  • What special facilities and services are available to students with disabilities
  • How to purchase books and supplies; Traditional Day Students and Graduate Students
  • How to continue to maintain eligibility for financial assistance; including how the Office of Financial Aid determines that students are maintaining satisfactory academic progress and what happens if you are not
  • If one has a student loan, the terms of the loan, such as the interest rate; total amount that must be repaid; procedures for paying; length of time you have to repay; when repayment begins; cancellation provisions; deferment and forbearance possibilities; and any special consolidation or refinancing options
  • The terms and conditions applicable to student employment (work-study) provided as part of a financial aid package
  • The refund policy, including the portion, if any, of tuition and fees that are refunded to students if they withdraw before the end of the term – Traditional Day Students and Graduate Students
  • The Return to Title IV Policy, relating to the financial aid students may have to pay back immediately if they drop or withdraw from courses prior to the end of the term
  • Information you give to the Office of Student Financial Services will be treated confidentially
  • You may contact the Office of Student Financial Services if you believe that special conditions exist affecting your financial need that warrants an adjustment to your financial aid package. If you experience a change in family circumstances, such as loss of employment, death, separation or divorce, extremely high medical expenses that affect your ability to pay your educational costs, an appeal may be appropriate.
  • That students can accept, reject or reduce any or all types of aid
    • If students reduce or reject aid, Huntingdon College may be unable to reverse this action, as some funds are limited and the funds may be unavailable at a later time
    • Accepting more student loans than necessary is not advised.  It is in students’ best interest to only accept what students need in student loans

Student Responsibilities

It is students’ responsibility to:

  • Understand and comply with the terms and conditions of aid that students receive
  • Use financial aid funds only for education expenses (tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies and other living costs)
  • Respond promptly to all requests for supplemental information or documentation from the Office of Financial Aid
  • Know and meet the deadlines to apply and re-apply for financial aid
  • Complete all financial assistance applications and forms with thorough and accurate information
  • Read, understand and keep copies of all forms that you are asked to submit or sign
  • Notify the Office of Financial Aid if there is any change to information students reported on the FAFSA
  • Notify the Office of Financial Aid of plans to withdraw from Huntingdon College or if there are changes in students’ enrollment status or level
  • Notify the Office of Financial Aid if students receive any scholarships, grants, or other financial assistance from sources outside
  • Know and comply with Huntingdon College’s refund and withdrawal policies
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress to continue to be eligible for financial aid
  • Complete entrance interview and exit interview counseling if students receive a loan
  • Register with the Selective Service System, if required
  • Notify lenders of any changes in name, address, or school status while attending school and after you leave school
  • Repay any student loans received with the terms of the promissory note regardless if one successfully completed your program
  • Perform work agreed upon for Federal Work-Study jobs in a satisfactory manner
  • Notify the Student Financial Services Office is you:
    • Change your residency/housing plan
    • Change your marital status
    • Change your major
    • Change your graduate/undergraduate status
    • Change your enrollment status (i.e. full-time to below full-time)
  • Provide correct information. Information found to be knowingly falsified may be referred to the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Inspector General
  • Understand that by signing the FAFSA, students agree that the information provided is accurate and complete and that if students purposely give false or misleading information, they may be fined up to $20,000, sent to prison, or bot
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