For Traditional Undergraduate Students

Starting in Fall 2016, the administration of Huntingdon College decided to provide all traditional day incoming students (starting in 2016-2017) with additional information resources necessary for students to succeed in the classroom. The Huntingdon College curriculum is delivered to students in a variety of ways, including but not limited to open source content, retail and/or proprietary computer and/or web-based modules, supporting course specific library resources, published articles, the use of traditional teaching aids (such as calculators) and/or the use of textbooks.

Eligible traditional day incoming students for 2016-2017 and beyond are issued books under the information resource agreement and are not required to purchase textbooks for the Fall and Spring semesters. Textbooks and information resources are distributed prior to the start of each semester and are on loan as detailed in the Information Resources agreement signed by each eligible student each academic year.

Students taking classes during the summer semester or students not eligible for information resources for the Fall and/or Spring semesters should order books from third-party vendors such as or Some sites will allow students to rent their books as long as they return them by a certain date. Students may look up the required books for their classes, along with their ISBN codes, on Self Service.

Students not eligible for information resources can request an advance on their credit or anticipated credit to purchase their books from a third party vendor via a book purchase advance. Students must have an actual or a guaranteed anticipated credit on their account in order to receive this advance. A Book Purchase Advance Form will need to be completed should a student choose to request a book purchase advance. This form is available from the Student Account Manager in Wilson 108.  Book Purchase Advances will be available during the first three weeks of school of each semester. After this, students with actual credits on their accounts may request a refund to be issued after billing has been completed and financial aid has been credited to their accounts.

Specific book information per course (including ISBN), whether required or recommended, is published online at It is displayed by term, course, and section as indicated in the College’s schedule of classes.

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