Federal Aid

If a student voluntarily withdraws from Huntingdon College during a semester, the College will follow federal guidelines to determine the amount of federal aid the student has earned based on the percentage of the semester completed. Federal guidelines state that once a student has completed more than 60% of the semester, they have earned all federal aid for that period of enrollment. For a student who has completed 60% or less, Huntingdon College is required to prorate the amount of federal aid based on the percentage of the semester completed (calculated using the last date of attendance). An example of a return to Title IV calculation is available upon request.

Institutional Aid

Institutional scholarships and aid will be prorated based on the percentage of the semester completed (calculated using the last date of attendance). For example, if a student has $5,000 in institutional scholarships for the semester and has completed 25% of the semester based on the last date of attendance, he/she will have earned $1,250 of the original scholarship; the account will be adjusted accordingly.

Institutional Charges

For the fall and spring semesters, refunds of tuition charges will be prorated based upon the percentage of the semester completed, calculated using the last date of attendance. For example, if a student attends 75% of the semester, Huntingdon College will retain 75% of the tuition charged for the semester and the student will be credited back 25% of the tuition charged. For the summer semester, no refund of tuition will be made for dropping or withdrawing from a class after the published add/drop period has passed for the session.

Refunds of annual, semester or course fees, as defined in the catalog, will be made in accordance with the schedule below once it is determined the student has withdrawn.

Last Date of Attendance Refund Amount
Through the 7th day of class from the start of the term 90%
From the 8th through the 14th day of class from the start of the term 80%
After the 14th day of class 0%

Refunds of room and board charges will be prorated based upon either the last date you utilized the meal plan or the date the room is vacated, whichever is later. The room is considered vacated when all student belongings are removed, and the Office of Residential Communities has completed a room inspection.

Refund Procedures

The student initiates the semester withdrawal from the College in the Staton Center. The student is then instructed to get authorized signatures (on the withdrawal form) from all pertinent administration and staff persons in order to resolve any matters needing attention (prior to the official withdrawal). The Office of the Registrar reviews the completed form and submits information to the appropriate offices regarding the official withdrawal date. The official withdrawal date for financial aid is determined to be the date that the student last attended classes as evidenced by the notification to the Office of the Registrar. Should a student fail to complete the institutional withdrawal process, the refund calculations for both institutional charges and aid, as well as Federal Title IV aid, will be based on the mid-point of the payment period if the last day of attendance cannot be determined. The Director of Student Financial Aid reviews the data and applies the refund policy to the student. The amount of any refund due to the student and Title IV programs will be resolved within 14 days of the official notification from the Office of the Registrar.

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