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How Financial Aid is Packaged

gargoyle on the steeple photoNearly 100% of Huntingdon College students receive some form of financial aid or scholarship. The process of applying for aid is outlined in the Financial Aid Checklist, while the Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs pages will lead you through the various types of aid administered by Huntingdon College.

Getting Started

To begin the financial aid process, you should complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online after October 1 of the year prior to entering Huntingdon in the fall term. For example, if you plan to enter Huntingdon in the fall of 2019, begin the financial aid application process after October 1, 2018. Please include Huntingdon’s code, 001019, on your FAFSA; doing so will allow us to  access your information electronically for timely packaging. If you are a dependent student, you and your parents will fill out the FAFSA form together. Questions regarding dependency status should be addressed to the Office of Student Financial Services.

How Need Is Determined

Your FAFSA will be sent electronically to the federal processing center, and they, in turn, will notify you and all of the colleges designated on your form of the results. The information calculated by the FAFSA processing center is known as your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). A college financial aid administrator uses the EFC to calculate your Need with respect to that institution. Need is calculated by subtracting your EFC from the College’s budgeted cost of attendance. Your EFC doesn’t change no matter where you will attend college, but because the cost of attendance varies by institution and by your personal circumstances, your Need will vary by institution. Colleges will package financial aid to meet a percentage of your calculated Need.

The Financial Aid Package

After packaging together the various merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid for which you qualify, the Office of Student Financial Services will send an award letter indicating your aid package. Huntingdon financial aid packaging and notification begins early in the spring. Your financial aid package may include:

After you receive your financial aid package, you may accept or decline any component of the package, sign the award letter, and return the award letter to the Office of Student Financial Services. (Keep a copy for your records.) Then, submit your enrollment deposit to secure your aid package and your place in the entering class.


If you need additional assistance with financing your education, have questions about the aid process, or have special circumstances to be considered in the application process, be sure to consult the Office of Student Financial Services. In all instances, we are here to help you.

Office of Student Financial Services
Wilson Center, Room 208
1500 E. Fairview Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36106
(334) 833-4428 • fax: (334) 833-4235

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