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Summer Programs for High School Students: Take a Step Toward Your Future

Huntingdon College believes strongly in the value of students’ early exposure to career possibilities. Gaining observation and hands-on experience in a career field informs your career choices in many important ways.

Freshman Admission

Admission to Huntingdon College is granted on a rolling basis for the fall and spring semesters. Prospective freshmen are encouraged to apply as early as possible after completion of the junior year of high school.

Admission decisions are based on a variety of factors, including strong secondary school preparation demonstrated by course selection and grades, college entrance examination scores, individual achievements and interests, and other indications of ability to benefit from the college experience.

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Applications are evaluated based on a student’s official high school transcripts at the end of the junior year (11th grade) to determine initial acceptance and re-evaluated after the student’s high school graduation to determine final acceptance.

Freshman Admission Standards 
Minimum GPAAcceptance

*College admission standardized tests (ACT or SAT) are not required for admission purposes, however, students who have earned ACT/SAT scores may present those scores for scholarship award consideration. 

Note: Students who are admitted by December 1 for the following fall term and who qualify may apply for consideration for Academic Merit Scholarships.

  • Submit your Application for Admission.
  • Request official transcripts from your high school. Note that:
    • Your transcript should include your senior year class schedule.
    • If you are accepted, you must send a second official transcript after you graduate from high school.
    • If you have earned a GED, you must submit the official score report in addition to your high school transcripts.
  • Submit official ACT or SAT test scores (to be used for scholarship consideration). Your scores may be sent directly from the testing agency or may be included on your official high school transcript.
    • Huntingdon’s ACT code is 0018
    • Huntingdon’s SAT code is 1303
  • Begin the financial aid application process after October 1 of the year prior to fall admission. See to get started.

After you have completed the application process, your file will be evaluated and a decision will be communicated as soon as possible. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis.


Office of Admission
Huntingdon College
1500 E. Fairview Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36106
(334) 833-4497 • (800) 763-0313

Transfer Q & A

Transfer Admission

Huntingdon College welcomes applications from students who wish to transfer from other regionally accredited colleges and universities. Transfer applications are reviewed and admission decisions are reached after the required information has been received by the Office of Admission.

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Transfer students who have earned 24 or more semester hours with a cumulative 2.00 GPA are accepted by the Office of Admission based on college credit only.  Transfer students who have earned less than 24 semester hours are evaluated based on the guidelines for freshman admission, including high school transcripts. 

Transfer students who have completed a semester of hours with a 2.0 GPA or higher who are enrolled “in progress” with the necessary credit hours to meet the 24-hour threshold will be evaluated on college work only.  Following completion of the semester in process the files will be reevaluated for accuracy of the admission decision and confirmation of the 24-earned hour requirement. 

  • Submit the Application for Admission.
  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended. If you are enrolled at a college, a second transcript indicating completion of the term and eligibility to return to the institution will be required.

Transfer Scholarships are determined by a student’s cumulative academic grade point average. For students who have attended more than one post-secondary institution, the academic grade point average will be calculated from all colleges and universities attended.

You may begin the need-based financial aid process after October 1 of the year prior to fall admission.

For information on evaluation of transfer credit, please see Section 2.6 of the Huntingdon College Catalog


Office of Admission
Huntingdon College
1500 E. Fairview Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36106
(334) 833-4497 • (800) 763-0313

Other Admission

Huntingdon welcomes applications for admission from:

  • Readmits—students who were formerly admitted and would like to apply for readmission.
  • Special Students—students who are non-degree seeking but who would like to enroll in credit-bearing classes.
  • Transient Students—visiting students who are enrolled at other colleges.

Because of the prohibitive costs involved in processing international student admission, Huntingdon College does not process international student applications at this time.

For assistance, please contact the Office of Admission at (334) 833-4497 or 800-763-0313.

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If you are a former Huntingdon College student who wishes to return to Huntingdon, please submit an application for admission to the Office of Admission. Students who have attended other institutions during their absence from Huntingdon must have official transcripts and financial aid transcripts (whether aid was received or not) sent from each institution attended. An interview with the vice president for enrollment management or provost may be required as part of the readmission process. Students who are readmitted must receive clearance from the Office of Student Financial Services and the Registrar’s Office before they may register and attend classes. Please refer to the Huntingdon College Catalog for possible changes in degree requirements.

Students who do not wish to seek a degree but who would like to enroll for one or more courses should print and complete the Special Student Application for Admission (pdf), submitting it to the Huntingdon College Office of Admission, 1500 E. Fairview Ave., Montgomery, AL 36106. Part-time, non-degree-seeking students, designated as Special students, may register for regular courses through the Registrar’s Office. Registration is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Prospective Special students must confirm their completion of high school or the GED and provide all previous college transcripts, or they must be approved by the provost.
  • An individual denied admission to Huntingdon College as a degree-seeking student is not eligible to register as a Special student.
  • Special students may not take classes numbered 300 or above without the approval of the provost.
  • After completing four courses as a Special student, the student must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher to continue as a Special student.
  • Exemptions from any of the above restrictions may be granted only by the provost.
  • Payment arrangements for Special students must be made in accordance with the policies set forth for regular students as defined in the Huntingdon College Catalog.
  • Special students will be charged at the same rate per credit hour as regular students; are not eligible to live in residence halls or to participate in intercollegiate athletics or fraternity or sorority membership; and are not eligible for any Huntingdon College scholarships or Title IV federal funds.
  • If a Special student subsequently meets regular eligibility admission requirements and chooses to become a degree-seeking student, transcripts from previous colleges and universities attended will be evaluated.
  • Any credits earned while designated a Special student are applicable toward the degree sought at Huntingdon College.
  • Special students must adhere to the same institutional academic policies (except as noted above) as regular students.

Transient status is available to students regularly enrolled and in good standing at another college or university who desire to attend Huntingdon College. To be considered for transient admission, submit a letter of good standing or a transient form indicating good standing and pre-approved courses from your home institution. This information should be presented to the Huntingdon College Registrar’s Office at the time of enrollment.


Office of Admission
Huntingdon College
1500 E. Fairview Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36106
(334) 833-4497 • (800) 763-0313

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